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Things to work on

The Item Dumping Ground is the pit we keep ID'ed items for later use in some sort of database. So, feel free to copy/paste all items you come across.

Traits. Some are shrouded in mystery, being so vague in their in-game description. Nevertheless, we're going to attempt to decode their meaning. Much of this is (likely) to be guesswork. If that is the case, please mark your edit. Theories and rumors are fine — just make sure you document it as such.

Note: If you are adding spells, skills, or forms, please use the templates already implemented (spellbox, skillbox, formbox, abilitybox). An explanation of how to use them properly is here. Do not use the 'include template' dropdown the edit box gives you.

Do you see a link that isn't capitalized? Should it be? Go right ahead and fix it! Some of our recent categorizations of our pages have caused a lot of links to lose capitalization or other formatting. We probably didn't catch them all, so correct away.

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How to Unlock the Potential of Your Class

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