A Fashionable Boutique
A Fashionable Boutique
Area: Earendam
Type: Clothing, Equipment


This boutique is painted in a rich, verdant green, with mahogany trim
accenting the walls. Minimalist displays of clothing are set on mannequins
and dressmaker's dummies about the room, with a discreet, curtained room to
one side for taking measurements and final fittings. A dark-paneled display
case to the side highlights a number of accessories and pieces of jewelry.
Several portraits of fashionably-dressed aelin hang from the walls, and a
tall glass mirror stands freely near to a display.

[Exits: north]


A pearl-bedecked aelin busies herself about the shop.

A recent Ilodaiyan expatriate, noted couturier Ilea Sirie is rumoured to
have accepted a personal invitation from the Lady Vaelania herself to set up
her workshop here. Bringing her daring takes on classical aelin designs
from the skyways of the High City to Earendam, she has already secured the
patronage of several majour aelin merchants who operate nearby. She herself
exemplifies the styles she designs, her dark hair cut short enough to shock
society both local and foreign, but styled in purely feminine curls. A long
rope of pearls loops around and around her neck, matching the cluster of
pearls in her ears.




26p 6g
18p 5g
16p 7g
23p 3g
19p 5g
20p 3g
18p 9g
23p 5g
17p 5g
15p 7g 5s
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