A Tilted Clothing Shop
A Tilted Clothing Shop
Area: Yithoul
Type: Clothing, Equipment


The whole interior of this small, slightly-cramped cave has been done up
with tiny tiles, all of slightly mismatched colours. There is an impression
of some overall pattern, but the overall effect is quite discordant.
Cushions are strewn about, largely behind a low, cloth-covered table that
serves as a counter, silky wares piled high on and around it. A carved door
ensures some measure of privacy from the main thoroughfare to the east.
[Exits: east]


A rail-thin shuddeni sits at the table, shifting and twisting bobbins to make an elaborate lace.

Of a long line of textile workers, Lalsha, the head of clan Verherit
recently won the contract to outfit the Temple for the forseeable future.
With this newly-won prestige, she has claimed a small space to offer her
wares to others of the city as well. Befitting her station, her skin is
copiously oiled, and she wears a sour, spicy perfume. Her robes are richly
embroidered, and a long, fringed scarf drapes about her head.




15p 5g 2s
26p 4g
16p 7g
23p 3g
19p 5g
20p 3g
18p 9g
23p 5g
17p 5g
15p 7g 5s

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