Hall Of Law
Hall of Law
Creator: Iandir
Level Range: 51
General Terrain: Indoors
Notable mobs: Biezkul, Jildrin, Stone Golem
Notable items: Orb Of Entry.

The Hall of Law is the focal point of all Guardian activity within the world of Avendar. Within are the shrines to the patron gods of the house, along with the offices of the Guardian Leader. It is from within these very halls that petitions sent from all across the world are read and discussed. These halls have sat within the fork of the Dantaron and Aragol river longer then any living adventurer can recall. Some within the cities think that perhaps Var Bandor simply grew up around the Hall of Law.

The Hall stands as a beacon for those that would live a life of safety, for the merchants and vagabonds that see the cities as a safe haven where they can find rest, work and even raise a family and children. It is through the struggle and strain of these halls that the cities are protected, that the guilds within are free to work and train their students without fear of savage bands turning them into rubble. While some will disagree with the fine points of the law, everyone within the city relies on the laws to some measure or another.

The Hall has been home to many notable and renowned Guardians during their tenure. Nearly every race and guild has been represented at one time or another, with a few exceptions. The Guardians have helped to quell wars, house the homeless, feed the needy, and care for those that have come as refugees from other portions of the world. The cities comprising the hand of law have often turned to the aid of portions of the world thought chaotic and uncaring for the laws, protecting them as they would one of their own. The Guardians have put down nearly every thing that has tested them, and when still from the passing of the Guards, have always returned to grasp at the reigns of glory and once more turn the lands toward the narrow path that is the Order and Law of Iandir.

Hall of Law Breakdown

The hall of law is a pretty straitlaced house, with few, if any, secrets. The northern passage from the top of the stairs holds three notable mobs. The first west houses the female watcher trainer, Ildavins, who is marked with the Sigil of Rveyelhi. She is one of the better trainers for learning skills/spells against, but her progs have some issues. If she is blinded, she will not allow you to flee, and will more or less force you to quaff if you want to live.

The first eastern exit to the north houses the Guardian Merchant. He will parcel equipment to a guardian if they are in need. The items are very basic, and will turn to smoke if they touch the ground, and are incapable of being worn by anyone except a Guardian. Your time of service in the halls will determine if you get the silver, or gold set. As well, he sells dried beef, and clay jars of water.

Fully north is the Guardian healer who can cure anything a normal healer would be able to, for free. Saying "I am hurt." will restore Hp, "I am tired." restores mana, "I am diseased." removes diseases, "I am poisoned." removes poison. "I am Cursed" removes curses. Naturally, this only functions for members of the house.

To the south of the stairs: the first western exit is the Guardian Leader's office. Within is a desk that will pop pages of parchment for the Guardian leader, as well as a floating orb that will grant the Guardian leader spells of protection and others when looked into.

The first eastern exit is the shrine to the law: Within are two shrines, one to Iandir and one to Rveyelhi. As well as two plaques with the rules for guardians. These define how witnesses are to be handled, relationships with other houses, and how raids are to be handled and dealt with, along with the proper measures for marking a criminal, and what can be done to apprehend them.

To the furthest south of this hall is the shuddeni scribe. This scribe maintains records of every active character in Avendar. The scribe will report on if someone is lawful, neutral, or chaotic, how many times they have been marked, and if they are a raider or not. "Tell me about: <name here>" will get you this report. As well "<name here> is a raider" will mark them as raider for the rest of the house's reference.

The eastern portion of the house holds the Stone golem and two other guards. The stone golem is the vault guard for the house. "Show me the vault!" Will show a guardian the contents of the vault. "I desire something from the vault." will have the golem prepare to retrieve it, while "Bring me: <item name>" will cause him to get it from the vault and bring it to you.

South of the golem is an Earth Scholar, that will cast level forty fortify on Town Leaders and the Guardian leader when they walk in.

House Guardian is somewhat unique in that the workings for its progs are listed on plaques in the relevant rooms.

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