Halls Of The Shunned
Halls of the Shunned
Creator: Synrael
Level Range: 51
General Terrain: Underground
Notable mobs: Lilisa, Sydonus, Lord Seneston, Meboahyar, Nyceanus
Notable items: a small, rune-scored dagger.

The Halls of the Shunned are the base of operations for the Coven of the Shunned, one of the Great Houses of Avendar. Located east of the forest of Morn and north of the village of Inessa, the Halls of the Shunned offer a bit of seclusion its members, as well as a number of helpful services. Aside from housing a small number of demons, many of the mobile defenders of the Halls are void templars and void scholars.

If you are interested in reading about raiding or defending the Halls of the Shunned, please read those articles. Below is an overview of the major locations within the Halls, separated by room.

The Hall of the Shunned

The heart of the Shunned, this area is also sometimes referred to as the Circle of the Five. Most serious house-wide discussion and interviews are conducted here. Because of its location near the entrance, allowing applicants to enter and be judged is possible without revealing too much of the internal layout. A circle of chairs, each one engraved with the marking of a member of the Council, is here and are used jealously by those who serve on it.

The Hall of the Shunned is located to the west of the The Outer Antechamber.

The Dais

The Dais itself is comprised of a dome of varied imagery, a bas-relief of jade and alabaster, and a great golden brazier on an obsidian pedestal. This is where members of the Coven access the vault of the Shunned. Like other major houses, the vault is not directly accessible to house members for entry. If they wish to get an item from the vault, they must petition Lilisa, one of the vault's two defenders, to retrieve it. Also protecting the vault is the High Defender of the Black Vanguard, Sydonus.

The Dais is located to the west of the Circle of the Five.

The Feasting Hall

This room is where much of the socializing of the Shunned occurs when in the Halls. A large table dominates the room, with chairs around it. An aelin youth with his wings clipped attends the table, ensuring that copious foods and drinks are available for initiates and Council alike. Indulgence is no issue for the Shunned, and unsurprisingly, the foods prepared and set out are of the highest quality, as well as marked with more than a little blasphemous flair.

The Feasting Hall is located south of the Circle of the Five.

The Baths

One of the most famous rooms in the Halls of the Shunned, the Baths is a chamber containing a pool of steaming water and various bath oils and soaps. It is not the clothing rack or the bath itself that has made this room so well-known; rather, it is those that attend the bath itself. Depending on the preference of the initiate or Council member, a bath may be administered by an ethron slave girl or a tall youth, both of which are clad in filmy white silk. A bath here helps soothe hp, mana, and movement loss.

The Baths are located to the east of the Feasting Hall.

Training Room

Lord Seneston oversees the training of the Black Vanguard, and does so in this training room. Members of the Shunned can train with Lord Seneston at any time, although unlike some other house trainers, his staff and rune-scored greatsword are not kind or gentle teachers. This is where some PC Vanguardsmen have practiced together as well, fighting one another rather than facing their brutal teacher.

The Training Room is located down a stairwell to the northwest of the Baths.

The Forge

The Forge is where members of the Coven go to get armor and weapons should they need them. A great alatharya smith, chained to the great forge upon which he works, creates the armor and guides initiates through the forging process when creating weapons. Unlike other houses, who sell weapons and armor to their members, these things are supplied in exchange only for time. The weapons crafted at this forge are the only ones that can be enchanted with the first power of the Black Vanguard, soul reaver.

The Forge is located to the west of the Training Room.

The Laboratory

Even before alchemy was widespread in Avendar, the shuddeni alchemist of the Shunned has brewed potions and created pills in the laboratory. His methods are unique compared to latter day alchemy, but the service he provides for those who supply him with shelter and materials is both free and worthwhile. The Laboratory is well-suited to mortal alchemists plying their trade, as well.

The Laboratory is located to the northeast of the Training Room.

The Tabernacle of a Thousand Demons

Many of the other rooms in the Halls have obvious utility, but the Tabernacle is one of two whose function is much less clear. Historically, the ties of the Coven to extraplanar powers have been obvious, but the strength of that bond is expressed here. Like the Dais, this room contains a candle-surrounded altar, but its purpose is as a place of reverence and respect to Logor, the City of Iron, which exists within the Void. A velvet curtain separates this chamber from the rest of the Halls. The closeness of this Tabernacle to the Void keeps it under a permanent desecration effect.

The Tabernacle of a Thousand Demons is located up a stairwell to the northwest of the Laboratory, or to the northeast of the Circle of the Five.

The Library

On the northern side of the Halls is the Library. It contains many texts and writing materials for the Coven, as well as desks for reading and writing. The arachnid Meboahyar serves as the librarian, and as a result, the Library itself is filled with spider webs. Because of the webs and the expansive nature of the works contained within the Shunned's library, locating specific texts is not possible without requesting them from Meboahyar. This place is where the Keeper stores the Scrolls of Logor.

The Library is located to the northwest of the Tabernacle of a Thousand Demons or to the north of the Circle of the Five.

The Torture Chamber

As the name implies, this is where captives of the Shunned are treated to vile and painful tortures for information or entertainment purposes. Nyceanus, the healer and torturer of the Coven, whiles his hours here. Beneath this room is a pit in which to throw unruly prisoners until their time on the rack, in the chair, or some other, more creative and painful exercise. Nyceanus does not work for free, though, unlike virtually all of the rest of the help within the Halls, and charges for his magical services to initiates and Council.

The Torture Chamber is located down a stairwell to the west of the Laboratory.

The Chamber of the Pentagram

In the deepest depths of the Halls is the Chamber of the Pentagram. This Chamber is where many dark rituals and conjurations have been performed. While its exact uses and original purpose are unclear even to the elder members of the Shunned, the power of this place and its attunement to the Void is unmistakable. Like the Tabernacle of a Thousand Demons, the Chamber of the Pentagram is under a permanent desecration effect. Guarding the door to the Chamber of the Pentagram is a fanged idcizon, which are not seen otherwise outside of the void templar weapon binding bearing its name.

The Chamber of the Pentagram is located down a stairwell to the west of the Torture Chamber.

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