Hello to the admins of the Avendar wiki,

I'm happy to see that there's a player-run wiki for helping players
both new and old enjoy Avendar. It's a tribute to the excitement and
depth of the game that people are willing to get together and build
their own compendium of facts.

There's one thing I saw, however, which was somewhat disturbing.
Namely, you appear to be pretty carte blanche about revealing what is
more or less the game's "secret" material. To clarify what I mean by
this, I'm not really talking about:

- Item IDs
- The basics of how spells or skills work
- Stuff about Avendar/character histories

More specifically, I'm concerned about parts of the wiki like this:

<removed link>

Avendar's void scholars were at every step of the process an effort of
love. They're the product of months of work both on the part of the
people who coded them, along with the people who designed the class,
wrote up visions and flavor texts for each of the symbols, then
painstakingly and lovingly placed them in the world where they just

Obviously, this information is already in the world — sometimes
because players discovered it, other times because some of you have
been immortals and took advantage of the opportunity to look behind
the curtain (so to speak).

I can't stop you from posting this information, but I can ask you not to.

I would prefer not to consider the alternative, since it seems like a
grand waste of everyone's time. If information like this remains on
the wiki, the immortal staff will be compelled to waste their time
finding new places for symbols, new prices for demons, and possibly
even whole other backstories for some of them. Given the care that we
put into their selection, the new places will probably thematically
never be as fitting as the one's today, particularly since we'll have
to change them in a hurry. Given that we want the class to not reward
people who consult with this sort of our of character oracle, we'll
probably also be compelled to add a variety of nasty traps and
pitfalls to the *old* locations, so that people learn not to trust
information on the wiki.

All of this would take a lot of time, and would only put you in a sort
of Red Queen race with us to determine who will get information first.
It's a fine game to play, but it's not the one the immortal staff
wants to play — time wasted on changing things when they could be
implementing new features, or time spent monitoring a wiki when they
could be monitoring what players are up to — all this at a place and
time where resources are scarce as is.

So, let me repeat my request: I would prefer you to not post
information related to in-game quests, or that represents the sort of
hard-won secrets that make the game for a great many players.

Thank you for your time,

- Jolinn

This is a message I received from Jolinn on Sept 11th.

The proceeding comments are the opinion of Landeyda, and not AvendarWiki at large.

I ask everyone to look passed the actions of some IMMs have committed on the wiki in the past. Jolinn was not the one attempting to sabotage us, or verbally attack anyone. He created the MUD; we should respect that fact and, at the very least, discuss his message.

This comes down to a core value of the wiki — information known by some players should be known by all players. Or, in simper terms — evening the metagaming playing field. The old secrets brought to light by the editors are the same ones that were passed through clandestine means for nearly ten years. So-and-so knew someone, who was able to pass them a complete list of void symbols. This made Avendar into more of an OOC game of politics. That, in my view, hampers roleplaying inside the game itself.

As for things being forced to change. Well, while I understand the IMM staff is smallish, and none of them are being paid (of course), but perhaps it’s a good idea to change things up every few years. Why should someone with past knowledge of a certain class have a cakewalk their second time around? Forcing such small changes may be a benefit rather than a hindrance.

Having said my views on the subject, we certainly can’t ignore Jolinn’s words. He’s not being unreasonable like some others. His concern is simply for the select few quests within Avendar. This will not be a vote, but rather a debate and discussion. I ask people to try and find compromise. Write out some ideas, and see if thse ideas can be edited to make everyone satisfied.

I truly hope he doesn’t mind me posting his message like this. I have zero power to change the policies like this would entail. Unlike other wiki admins - I don’t even have a veto right on AvendarWiki. This is a site for all the players, to shape and mold as they see fit.

— Landeyda

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