Axe List

Weapon Type: Axe

Bladed weapons with a typically short haft, axes are most often favoured by
barbarians, who enjoy their lack of subtlety and learn specific techniques for
them. Axes may be found in many sizes, for both one and two-handed use. They
typically deal slashing damage, and they are characteristically poor at
fending off blows, due to their balance and lack of finesse. The weighty
swings often required by axes make it suited against both shield blocking and
deflection, but much easier for opponents to fend off or stone phalanx.

Primary Attribute: Strength

Identified Axes

Item Name




Item Level

Item Weight

Item Notes

Earendam a scarred human n/a 15 15 None
Inessa Village Tomik 4p 4g 5s 20 12 None
Clockworker's Mansion the towering alatharya n/a 20 22 None
Chaja Caves a burly miner n/a 25 18 None
Savannah a kankoran hunter n/a 33 22 None
Earendam Kajal n/a 35 20 None
Gogoth Castle Bashra the Death Knight n/a 35 33 None
Merchant Headquarters an alatharya guard n/a 35 19 None
Yithoul the chaja guard n/a 40 18 None
Plains of Ryarl Tvekann 5p 2g 40 21 None
Earendam ??? n/a 40 14 None
Basalt Catacombs Troglodytic Srryn n/a 40 16 None
Plains of Ryarl the hearthguard n/a 45 17 None
Arisuth a black-armored templar guard n/a 45 20 None
Earendam ??? n/a 45 22 None
Inessa Village Belarik the Rock n/a 50 20 Give Belarik the head of the filthy ogre and tell him you want an axe.
Savannah Anmoeq n/a 50 18 It can be worth keeping one noremove for PvP
Swamps of Sythtys Durmaldin n/a 51 18 None
Patrician's Palace Jokta Vamal n/a 51 20 None
Qilarn Forest an ethron highguard n/a 51 30 None
Swamps of Sythtys a black-scaled srryn guard n/a 51 9 None
Swamps of Sythtys Ssenkhatha n/a 51 15 None
Basalt Catacombs Ssthk n/a 51 18 None
Wastes Siyhas n/a 60 32 Prog: Changes damtype during combat between Ice, Slash, and Fire
Kor Thrandir Melaith n/a 60 32 None
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