Air/Fire Scholar

Combining the kinetics, winds, and illusions of air with the chaos, thermal energy, and destruction of fire, the Air/Fire Scholar gains much from both. Those who follow the path of lightor law will find themselves unable to learn this combination of spheres.

Skills and Spells

Level Skill
Level 1: Dagger, Staff, Scrolls, Staves, Wands
Level 6: Meditation
Level 7: Haggle
Level 14: Trance
Level 19: Parry
Level 24: Fast Healing
Level 30: Second Attack
Level Spell
Level 1: Armor, Shocking Grasp, Ventriloquate
Level 3: Fly, Invisibility
Level 4: Detect Invis
Level 7: Floating Disc
Level 9: Infravision
Level 10: Ethereal Flame
Level 11: Lightning Bolt, Scorch
Level 12: Burning Hands
Level 13: Teleport
Level 14: Cancellation
Level 15: Identify, Locate Object, Wings of Flame
Level 16: Wind Wall
Level 17: Illusionary Object
Level 18: Greater Ventriloquate
Level 19: Faerie Fog
Level 20: Shield, Pyrotechnics
Level 21: Group Teleport, Flamestrike
Level 22: Air Bubble, Thunderclap
Level 23: Gust, Parch
Level 24: Gaseous Form, Suction
Level 25: Mass Flying, Mass Invis, Spectral Fist, Word of Recall
Level 27: Chain Lightning, Immolation, Frenzy
Level 28: Cloudkill, Tempest, Flame Shield
Level 29: Conjure Air Efreet
Level 30: Windwalk, Scatter
Level 31: Windbind, Rune of Fire
Level 32: Air Rune
Level 33: Obfuscation, Baptism of Fire
Level 34: Diversions, Greater Invis
Level 35: Delusions, Smoke
Level 38: Fire Blast
Level 42: Smolder


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