Air Templar
Air Templar
Races: Aelin, Ch'taren, Ethron, Human, Kankoran, Nefortu, Shuddeni, Srryn
Alignments: Any Non-Lawful

An air templar combines deft swordplay with the magics of air. While they are most noticeable in their role in mercenary captains and cunning strategists (often able to use their magic to divert the energies of their opponents), quite a few take up the life of adventurer. Air templars learn spells, skills, and forms.

Air templar is one of the most effective anti-group classes in the game. Aside from having a myriad of spells designed to protect or conceal her own group, she also has many powers that are specifically designed to separate, confuse, or outright destroy an opposing group.

Skills, Spells, and Forms

Level Skill
Level 1: Dagger, Dodge, Scrolls, Sword, Wands, Whip
Level 5: Enhanced Damage
Level 6: Dual Wield
Level 7: Meditation
Level 8: Parry
Level 9: Fast Healing
Level 11: Trip
Level 12: Second Attack
Level 13: Hand to Hand
Level 15: Dive
Level 18: Third Attack
Level 19: Haggle
Level 22: Trance
Level 25: Archery
Level 30: Arc Shot
Level 37: Sleeve Wand
Level 39: Thunder Strike
Level Spell
Level 2: Armor
Level 3: Fly
Level 4: Detect Invis
Level 6: Lightning Bolt
Level 8: Invisibility
Level 10: Shield
Level 13: Lightning Brand
Level 16: Air Bubble
Level 17: Blur
Level 20: Wind Wall
Level 21: Surge
Level 23: Overcharge
Level 24: Teleport
Level 26: Gale
Level 27: Alter Self
Level 28: Reflective Aura
Level 29: Suction
Level 31: Wall of Air
Level 32: Ball Lightning
Level 33: Mirror Image
Level 34: Clinging Fog
Level 35: Disjunction
Level 36: Absorb Electricity
Level 38: Delusions
Level 40: Blink
Level 42: Screaming Arrow
Level 45: Whirling Dervish
Level Form
Level 16: Form of the Zephyr
Level 23: Form of the Cyclone
Level 30: Form of the Phantasm


The air templar is unique in her access to archery, which increases her range substantially over the other hybrid classes. When paired with the eagle-eyed trait, she can scout farther and make better use of range-boosted arrows. Using arrows enchanted with disjunction, she can force them away from their current position (either a short distance if they save, or a great distance if they do not). Arc shot, in particular, allows her to strike at foes which are otherwise out of line-of-sight; if used with magically imbued arrows, this can strip many common hiding places of their safety.

When fighting a single opponent in melee, an air templar has many potential options. In virtually all cases, she should be using a form, either zephyr or phantasm, depending on if she needs improved defense or more attacks. Additionally, she has many in-round damaging abilities, beginning with lightning bolt, but also including wind surge and thunder strike. While wind surge will often deal more damage to targets who fail their save, thunder strike can deal consistent sonic damage even to well-armed characters, as well as have a chance to deafen them. This skill can be particularly effective against nefortu.

Against a group, an air templar has many possible moves. If she does not break up their group with disjunction, she can attempt to do so with wind blast (which will push opponents in a given direction), or use form of the cyclone to cause infighting in the group fighting her in melee. However, she does not have to break up the group at all unless she wishes; larger groups are devastating targets for ball lightning, which deals more damage with each successive victim.

Air templar, in general, is a class which is able to escape most situations if they wish. Common protections such as wind wall and fly can prevent typical lag skills from affecting them, while spells such as teleport can rapidly move them far away from approaching groups. If an air templar is in dire straits, she can also be saved by blink, which has a chance to teleport her away when she would otherwise be struck with a killing blow. This spell once required a wimpy value to be set for it to trigger, and this is no longer required.

It should be noted that air templars typically have low strength, making them often the victims of strength damage. As well, disarm is particularly dangerous, much as it is to a swordmaster (as it robs them of both defense and the use of their forms). However, many projectile and light-based attacks can be avoided by air templars, in addition to their ability to evade all manner of spells granted by blur.

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