Races: Aelin, Human, Kankoran, Nefortu, Srryn, Shuddeni
Alignments: Any Non-Chaotic

Assassins have mastered the dealing of death with a unique blend of mental techniques, stealth, and poison. They often strike unseen, using the knife, the garrote wire, and the dart as their tools. Every assassin acts of his own accord, and bring to the practice their own devotion: be it to law, to the nefarious, or to nothing at all. In the end, they all find unity in the singular perfection of death.

They start with Sneak and Hide and the ability to resist all the potions created with a catalyst via the Prepare skill.

Skills and Psionic Abilities

Level Skill
Level 1: Dagger, Hand to Hand, Unseen Strike, Sword, Whip
Level 2: Blindfighting, Peek
Level 3: Kick
Level 4: Dodge
Level 5: Meditation
Level 6: Obscure Evidence
Level 7: Pick Lock
Level 8: Dual Wield
Level 9: Enhanced Damage
Level 11: Blinding Dust
Level 12: Evade, Trip
Level 13: Fast Healing
Level 14: Envenom, Prepare
Level 16: Second Attack
Level 17: Muffle
Level 19: Archery, Haggle
Level 21: Plant, Taint
Level 22: Trance
Level 23: Blinding Cloud
Level 24: Snap Kick
Level 26: Dart
Level 27: Caltraps
Level 28: Nerve
Level 29: Smokescreen
Level 32: Disguise
Level 34: Vital Strike
Level 38: Garrote
Level Ability
Level 10: Acuity,Mindshield
Level 15: Celerity
Level 20: Shadow Fist
Level 25: Seeping Wounds
Level 30: Beguile
Level 36: Prowess
Level 40: Cloak


Assassins gain both rogue-like tricks and psionic foci, which means that as a class, they tend to favor races with a higher mana pool. Although this is in no way required (and thus, kankoran and srryn assassins still function similarly to how they did before), it does give the aelin, nefortu, and (especially) shuddeni assassins significantly more leeway with their mental powers. For example, a shuddeni will find it far easier to maintain the cloak focus, and even considerable time cloaking two targets should the need arise. For more mundane foci, such as acuity, celerity, and so on, an assassin of any race should rarely run into difficulty maintaining multiple abilities at once due to the regeneration provided by both meditation and trance. It should be noted, however, that the self-buff psionic foci of the assassin may only be applied to himself (and not others).

Although assassins are capable with many weapons, shadow fist brings a bit of difference to their unarmed damage, in that it type-changes it to mental damage. *This is not confirmed, it may not work currently* This damage type is treated as magical, allowing an assassin to bypass some defenses even while unarmed, or with an open free hand. In addition, this type change also applies to the damage dealt by kick (and snap kick). This can amount to a significant amount of in-round damage to chaja characters.

Poison use is of particular interest to assassins, and it can be delivered in multiple ways. It can either be coated onto a weapon via envenom; applied to a dart and used either in-room or from an adjacent room; or applied to food;or now applied to arrows and used with Archery. The poison from envenom will typically have a lower chance of taking full hold because of the ease of delivery comparative to others. Taint, therefore, has the strongest likelihood of delivering a poison at its full potency. In general, a poison can strike for its full potency, a lesser variation with shorter duration, or have no effect (although no effect is most likely when the target has some resistance to poison, such as the spell protection from poison).

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