Races: Alatharya, Chaja, Human, Kankoran, Srryn
Alignments: Any Non-Lawful

Bandits are the ruffians of the world of Avendar. They specialize in the use of brute force in acquiring material goods. Unlike a thief, a bandit prides himself not on stealth, but rather the swift brutality of a highwayman. Scorning the elegant solution, the bandit uses whatever tools he has at hand to acquire what he wishes. Do to their somewhat brutish tempers, bandits tend not to be noted for obedience to any formal notion of law, and consequently often roam the roads of Avendar.


Level Skill
Level 1: Axe, Dagger, Dodge, Hand to Hand, Mace, Sword
Level 2: Kick, Night Vision
Level 3: Dirt Kicking
Level 4: Detect Hidden, Hide
Level 5: Enhanced Damage, Fast Healing
Level 6: Steal
Level 7: Second Attack
Level 8: Parry, Trip
Level 9: Peek
Level 10: Camouflage, Sharp Vision
Level 11: Obscure Evidence, Plunder
Level 12: Haggle
Level 13: Stash
Level 14: Bash, Dual Wield
Level 15: Brawling Block, Shield Slam
Level 16: Ambush
Level 17: Knee Shatter
Level 18: Jab
Level 19: Disarm
Level 20: Third Attack, Waylay
Level 21: Kidney Shot
Level 22: Drag
Level 23: Grip
Level 24: Headbutt
Level 25: Batter
Level 26: Bind
Level 27: Set Ambush
Level 28: Gag
Level 29: Trap
Level 30: Pummel
Level 31: Meditation
Level 32: Loot
Level 33: Rob
Level 34: Ram
Level 36: Pugilism
Level 38: Surprise Attack
Level 40: Uppercut


Bandits in general specialize in the mace and unarmed attacks. Their common skills— jab, pummel, and so on— can be used with either of these weapon choices. These skills, in particular, are intended to chain with one another to build up to using uppercut for the knockout. That includes the use of jab, pummel, headbutt, and so on. While each of these skills has beneficial effects alone, this is designed to encourage people to try out all of them when fighting until they find the combination that works best for them.

Brawling block is unique among defense skills, as it functions as shield block, but also has expanded capability. When wielding no weapon or being without a shield, the bandit receives the chance to block other unarmed attacks against him. This should allow him to use dual wield when fighting most mobiles without losing significant defense, as well as gain further benefit from disarming his foes. Counterwise, shield slam allows the bandit to deal some damage with a shield he is using. This grants him one additional extra attack per round with the shield in question.

Knockout with waylay or uppercut lead to obvious skill chains with steal, bind, gag, and ambush.

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