Races: alatharya srryn human ethron kankoran and chaja.
Alignments: Anything other than Lawful.

While some warriors rely on their training and experience in the field of combat, Barbarians are more savage and depend on their ferocity and anger to quickly whittle down their enemies and those that would dare to stand against them. They are renowned for their ability at quickly inflicting damaging blows, and impairing their foes ability in combat.

Level 1: Axe Mace
Spear Sword
Fast Healing Enhanced Damage
Level 2: Dirt Kicking
Level 3: Kick
Level 5: Second Attack
Level 6: Hand to Hand
Level 8: Shield Block
Level 10: Dodge
Level 12: Dual Wield Third Attack
Level 14: Bash
Level 18: Warcry
Level 22: Rage
Level 23: Bludgeon Grapple
Level 24: Meditation Fetish
Level 25: Bloodlust
Level 26: Hew Fury
Level 28: Savagery Ram
Level 30: Berserk
Level 33: Boneshatter
Level 35: Brutal Damage


It should be noted that while Barbarians are a force to be reckoned with the class itself is one that has been dominated with axe wielding fiends that think their prime ability is with an axe and the ability to hew anything that gets into their path. While most are played in this style and fashion, it is in fact a large misconception. The abilities that they are given lend them well to withstanding physical damage, and inflicting severe hampering effects on those that stand against them. I would highly suggest that the skills be played around with, as you will find that a good many of them are highly useful, and that you need not just wield an axe and hew everyone and everything.

Barbarians have an surprisingly large number of skills that require mana, when compared to fighters and gladiators. However, they are not as mana intensive as a swordmaster. Still, consider investing some points into intelligence when playing this class, and you will be able to use your skills more frequently.

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