Races: Aelin, Caladaran, Ch'taren, Ethron, Human, Shuddeni, Kankoran.
Alignments: Any

Bards who have taken up a life of adventure are equal parts musician, storyteller, entertainer, and actor. Historically, bards have been everywhere and done everything in Avendar. From marching alongside great armies, to traveling with explorers into the wild unknown, bards compose and record songs of deeds both great and small. The greatest bards have discovered that some fragment of magic lies in music, and can use their songs with astonishing effectiveness. The tales and songs brought by a bard also hold great sway with the general populace.

Skills and Songs

Level Skill
Level 1: Dagger, Sword, Whip, Dodge, Haggle
Level 3: Hand to Hand
Level 5: Dirt Kicking
Level 9: Tumbling
Level 10: Peek
Level 12: Second Attack
Level 14: Trip
Level 15: Parry, Meditation
Level 16: Fast Healing
Level 20: Harmony
Level 21: Catch Throw
Level 22: Throw
Level 23: Detect Hidden
Level 24: Third Attack
Level 25: Enchanced Damage
Level 27: Mimicry
Level 30: Disarm


Bards are superb force-multipliers for any group, as they have an enormous bag of tricks. They can restore mana and defend an entire group, making even the most challenging battles significantly easier. In PK situations, they are very good at both offense and defense, with their abilities to prevent opponents from fleeing and concealing and defending themselves, as well as preventing spells from scholars and templars, multiple stuns, fear, and even calling for aid from NPCs in the room.

Here is a chart to help you distinguish which instruments can be paired with vocals.

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