Races: caladaran, ethron, human, kankoran, srryn.
Alignments: Any

The order of druids is dedicated to attaining oneness with nature. Drawing their powers from the ancient magics of nature, druids act to protect the balance of nature, protecting the purity of the natural world. Embracing from nature, they are said to be able to travel from forest to forest, drawing their strength from life itself.

Skills and Spells

Level Skill
Level 1: Axe, Dagger, Hand to Hand, Mace, Staff, Staves
Level 3: Kick
Level 5: Dirt Kicking
Level 6: Find Herbs
Level 8: Swim
Level 9: Meditation
Level 12: Fast Healing, Second Attack, Sharp Vision
Level 14: Find Water, Parry
Level 17: Herbal Medicine
Level 19: Trance
Level Spells
Level 3: Detect Invis
Level 5: Bounty of Nature
Level 7: Elemental Protection, Forest Walk
Level 8: Thorn Spray
Level 10: Commune With Nature
Level 11: Water Breathing
Level 12: Star Glamour
Level 14: Barkskin, Sticks to Snakes, Warp Wood
Level 15: Entwine, Identify
Level 16: Mushroom Circle
Level 17: Plant Growth
Level 18: Animal Tongues
Level 19: Wall of Thorns
Level 20: Animal Swarm, Command Weather, Wolfform
Level 21: Giant Growth
Level 22: Calm Animals
Level 23: Stampede
Level 24: Chameleon
Level 25: Insect Swarm, Rite of Dawn
Level 26: Speak With Plants
Level 27: Hawkform, Moonray, Regeneration
Level 28: Circle of Stones, Shrink
Level 29: Sunray
Level 30: Tangle Trail
Level 32: Nature Gate
Level 33: Bearform
Level 35: Animal Eyes
Level 37: Creeping Curse


When leveling a druid, learn the spell sticks to snakes. It will make solo ranking very simple and capable. First, you will have to find a decent piece of wood to start out with, looking around Kor Thrandir for bows is always a good idea. If you are able, once the spell is learned, at level 14, go to the hill giant village and work on the giants until level 20 or so, if you are alone. If you are in a group, Kor Thrandir soldiers are good to start on at this level, or if solo, around 20 or so. Depends on your gear and capability of course. The trick is, kill the snakes first, then the giant, soldier, archer. By doing the time you reach level 25 to 30 you will be able to take on archers alone and be able to solo rank at the same rate as a group. Another thing, the better quality piece of wood, the better quality snakes.

Circle of stones is a great spell to master and use when you know you are going to be hunted by people that will camp your altar. You can raise a circle of stones anywhere that you can summon plant life, including below in Yithoul and the Basalt Catacombs. Just make sure you watch for the echo for the circle crumbling away. Recalling with circle of stones requires a cool down period as well, so you cannot flee and recall from your enemies. If you quaff a potion or die, you will be returned where your circle of stones are, as will any gear that isn't recovered off of your body when you die.

Nature gate will return you to where you cast nature gate two minutes ago (two hours in game). For example, if you cast nature gate in Nendor, walk to Alensha, then nature gate back and stand there, for the remaining minute and a half, the nature gate will return you to Nendor. Or if you cast nature gate and walk to the Brintor Mountains, then walk back to the base of Firiel, nature gate will return you to where you nature gated originally, despite, you just walked there.

Commune with Nature is great to let you know when other druid players are being attacked in the realms and by who, even if noyell is on.

I have found that some of the rooms are not coded correctly that say they are in the forest. There are many in Nendor that give the "This area is too civilized' when seeking water. Trial and error is what works best for this, but best to figure it out before trying to nature gate away from your enemies.

Chameleon will let you hide in the forest and not show up on where. If a player looks at you, while you are in hiding in the forest, your gear and description will not show. However, I have recently found out, that if you spam where <player's name> eventually you will crack their location. Once again, in Nendor, some of the rooms are coded wrong, so even though the room description says you are in a forest, you very well might not be, due to code. Best to check the where if you are moving around to make sure you are hidden.

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