Earth/Spirit Scholar
Earth/Spirit Scholar
Races: aelin, caladaran, ch-taren, ethron, human, nefortu.
Alignments: Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Lawful Good, Neutral Good

Combining the protection, order, and strength powers of earth with the positive energy, freedom, and life and death powers of spirit, the Earth/Spirit Scholar gains much from both. Those who follow the path of darkness, law, or chaos will find themselves unable to learn this combination of spheres.

Skills and Spells

Level Skill
Level 1: Dagger, Mace, Staff, Scrolls, Staves, Wands
Level 6: Meditation
Level 7: Haggle
Level 14: Trance
Level 19: Parry
Level 24: Fast Healing
Level 30: Second Attack
Level Spell
Level 1: Armor, Sandspray
Level 3: Fortify, Continual Light
Level 4: Detect Invis
Level 5: Giant Strength
Level 6: Create Spring
Level 7: Earthbind
Level 10: Earthquake
Level 11: Soulburn
Level 13: Smooth Terrain, Invisibility, Teleport
Level 14: Cancellation
Level 15: Identify, Knock, Locate Object, Slip
Level 16: Stabilize, Strengthen
Level 17: Shatter
Level 18: Stone Skin
Level 19: Earth Elemental Summon
Level 20: Meteor Strike
Level 21: Dispel Illusion
Level 22: Brittleform, Bless, Dreamspeak
Level 23: Call Upon Earth, Zeal
Level 24: Rune of Earth, Thanatopsis
Level 25: Density, Word of Recall
Level 26: Stone Shell, Spirit Shield
Level 27: Shape Armor, Aura
Level 28: Metal to Stone
Level 29: Stone to Mud
Level 30: Shield, Remove Curse, Focus Mind
Level 31: Voice of Earth, Clarity
Level 32: Meld With Stone, Awaken
Level 33: Shape Weapon
Level 41: Calm


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