Races: Aelin, Alatharya, Chaja, Ethron, Human, Srryn
Alignments: Any non-Chaotic

Fighters are by far the most common type of warriors in Avendar. Trained for the rigors of a life spent campaigning, they are true soldiers. Fighters specialize in formation control and tactics, granting them an unparalleled mastery of group combat. Fighters are also proficient with many different weapons, although their specialties are the polearm, spear, and sword.


Level Skill
Level 1: Dagger, Parry, Polearm, Rescue, Spear, Staff, Sword
Level 2: Enhanced Damage
Level 3: Second Attack
Level 4: Dodge
Level 5: Hand to Hand
Level 6: Fast Healing
Level 7: Endurance
Level 8: Kick, Shield Block
Level 9: Bandage
Level 10: Grip
Level 11: Shield Bash
Level 12: Third Attack
Level 14: Gash, Haggle
Level 15: Trip
Level 16: Forced March
Level 17: Pugil, Readiness
Level 18: Dual Wield
Level 19: Disarm, Thrust
Level 20: Flank, Throw
Level 21: Fend
Level 22: Guard
Level 23: Pommel
Level 24: Meditation, Withdraw
Level 25: Fourth Attack
Level 26: Drive
Level 27: Phalanx
Level 28: Rally
Level 29: Counterattack
Level 30: Counter
Level 33: Cover
Level 35: Scouting
Level 38: Reach Mastery
Level 40: Rout


While using a one-handed spear and shield, a fighter has the most constant defense skills of any class in the game. This defensive style can make a fighter one of Avendar's best tank classes, rivaled primarily by Swordmasters. A fighter can prolong his ability to tank by using skills like bandage, and can swiftly move his group through dangerous areas with withdraw. Rout and rally are primarily for use in group-versus-group PK, offering the potential to focus attacks on a certain target, or disrupt the enemy grouping. That is not to say that a fighter is weak in one-on-one PK; skills such as pommel, gash, and counter can make a fighter competitive against a broad range of classes (such as enemy spellcasters and rogues).

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