Fire Scholar

Having influence over the powers of chaos, thermal energy, and destruction, scholars of this sphere draw their power from the elemental power of fire. Resonating with chaotic and evil tendencies, scholars who are lawful or good cannot choose this sphere as a discipline.

Skills and Spells

Level Skill
Level 1: Dagger, Staff, Scrolls, Staves. Wands, Whip
Level 6: Meditation
Level 7: Haggle
Level 14: Trance
Level 19: Parry
Level 30: Second Attack, Fast Healing
Level Spell
Level 1: Armor, Scorch
Level 3: Infravision
Level 4: Detect Invis
Level 5: Ethereal Flame
Level 7: Burning Hands
Level 9: Wings of Flame
Level 10: Pyrotechnics
Level 11: Flamestrike
Level 12: Parch
Level 13: Teleport
Level 14: Cancellation, Immolation
Level 15: Identify, Locate Object, Smoke
Level 16: Frenzy
Level 17: Flame Shield
Level 18: Fireball
Level 19: Rune of Fire
Level 20: Baptism of Fire
Level 21: Dispersion
Level 22: Smolder
Level 23: Wall of Fire
Level 24: Flare
Level 25: Ethereal Blaze, Incineration, Word of Recall
Level 26: Heat Metal
Level 28: Flame Tongue, Fire Blast
Level 29: Delayed Blast Fireball
Level 30: Consume, Shield
Level 32: Beam of Fire, Firestorm
Level 34: Living Flame
Level 36: Disintegration
Level 37: Blazing Inferno
Level 38: Rain of Fire
Level 39: Implosion
Level 40: Phoenix Fire


At high levels, fire scholar battle strategy is defined by two spells: phoenix fire and implosion. Those spells together allow the fire scholar to deal nearly-always-fatal damage to his enemies with little or no risk to himself due to the guaranteed resurrection. Once implosion and disintegration have both been used, however, actual strategy must be considered. Beam of fire and firestorm are excellent ways to do great damage to the scholar's opponent or opponents. Consume is a powerful malediction which will either stop the scholar's enemies from pursuing him or allow them to be pursued much more easily, since they will have to stop to rest. Flame shield is a powerful form of bash protection, and if all else fails, dispersion is always ready to whisk the scholar away from harm.

Lower-level scholars will usually rely more heavily on flamestrike and fireball.

(Srryn water templars with a distaste for fire ;))

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