Fire Templar
Fire Templar
Races: Aelin, Ethron, Human, Kankoran, Nefortu, Shuddeni, Srryn
Alignments: Any Non-Good and Non-Lawful

Historically, fire templars have reigned supreme in their capacity for combining skill in physical combat and the destructive magics of fire. First appearing as the generals of the human and srryn armies in the War of Fire, various templar warlords of this element have appeared throughout history. They have a notorious proficiency in area of effect damage spells, unconcerned with who or what is destroyed during their furious rampages. Unafraid of their own death and often lusting for the death of others, a fire templar is always a force to be reckoned with.

Skills and Spells

Level Skill
Level 1: Axe, Flail, Hand to Hand, Scrolls, Spear, Sword, Whip, Wands
Level 3: Enhanced Damage
Level 5: Fast Healing
Level 6: Dual Wield
Level 7: Parry
Level 9: Kick
Level 12: Second Attack
Level 13: Meditation
Level 14: Dodge
Level 16: Bash
Level 18: Third Attack
Level 22: Cauterize
Level 25: Throw
Level 28: Trance
Level 32: Aggravate Wounds
Level 36: Disruption
Level Spell
Level 2: Armor
Level 3: Coronal Glow
Level 4: Detect Invis
Level 6: Flamestrike
Level 8: Immolation
Level 10: Shield, Wings of Flame
Level 11: Blazing Spear
Level 13: Infravision
Level 15: Firebrand
Level 17: Frenzy
Level 19: Firebolt
Level 20: Burnout, Identify
Level 21: Fireball
Level 23: Rune of Embers
Level 24: Dispersion
Level 25: Fury of the Inferno
Level 26: Ward of Fire
Level 27: Baptism of Fire
Level 29: Flare
Level 30: Consuming Rage
Level 31: Weariness
Level 33: Ring of Fire
Level 34: Blast
Level 38: Blaze
Level 40: Nova


Fire templar is built for one purpose: to deal as much damage in the shortest possible time. They have many skills and spells to facilitate this, and many of them simply differ in how exactly that damage is dealt. Primarily, a fire templar is a melee combatant, using dual wield and spells such as blazing spear or firebrand to convert their attacks to fire damage. Once in melee combat, various self-targetting spells, such as frenzy, immolation, fury of the inferno, and consuming rage all boost the fire templar's damroll, causing him to deal more damage when his attacks hit.

In addition to melee damage, fire templars have a large arsenal of damage dealing spells. Some of these are simple and target a single foe, such as flamestrike or firebolt. Many are area of effect, such as ring of fire, fireball, blaze, and so on. Perhaps their largest area of attack spell is blast, which will cause area of effect damage in the templar's room and all adjacent rooms. Upon a fire templar's death, he will cause damage to the room he is in using flare. He can also escape with a variation of teleport, dispersion, which also triggers a fireball in the room it was cast.

Damage over time is another tool of the fire templar, available through the spells rune of embers and blaze, and the skill aggravate wounds. Rune of embers will set foes on fire when struck with a weapon so branded, causing them to take fire damage steadily. Blaze will set a room on fire after the initial area of effect damage, which also will cause damage each tick. Aggravate wounds triggers when a fire templar strikes with a fire damage weapon, causing lingering burns which stack and deal damage per tick also.

Nova is perhaps the single most damaging single-target spell in the game, requiring a charge time to make full use of. In lieu of this, a fire templar can also use the throw skill as a fighter would, which can also deal heavy spike damage. This synergizes with the spell blazing spear, as when thrown, a blazing spear will explode, causing secondary area of effect damage after the initial hit.

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