Races: Alatharya, Chaja, Ethron, Human, Kankoran, Srryn
Alignments: Any

Gladiators are warriors who are trained for combat in Avendar's many arenas. Learned in a variety of dirty and showy techniques, they are fierce combatants both against a single opponent or an enemy group. Even when outnumbered, a gladiator is rarely outclassed; his assortment of training, bravado, and weapon techniques make him surprisingly vicious. Gladiators are particularly skilled in the use of exotic weapons, wielding them with more effectively than any other class in Avendar.


Level Skill
Level 1: Axe, Dagger, Dodge, Flail, Mace, Polearm, Spear, Sword, Whip
Level 2: Fast Healing
Level 3: Dual Wield
Level 4: Parry
Level 5: Enhanced Damage
Level 6: Hand to Hand
Level 7: Dirt Kicking
Level 8: Bravado, Showmanship
Level 9: Kick
Level 10: Rescue
Level 11: Grip
Level 12: Second Attack
Level 13: Legsweep
Level 14: Cross
Level 15: Endure
Level 16: Taunt
Level 17: Ensnare
Level 18: Third Attack
Level 19: Hamstring
Level 20: Gouge
Level 21: Knee Shatter
Level 22: Retaliation
Level 23: Batter, Strip
Level 24: Meditation
Level 25: Fourth Attack
Level 26: Cleave
Level 27: Impale
Level 28: Bloodlust
Level 29: Shield Disarm
Level 30: Choke
Level 32: Feint
Level 34: Enthusiasm
Level 36: Decapitate
Level 38: Whip Mastery
Level 40: Corner


Gladiators are designed to use a mainhand sword or spear, paired with an offhand flail or whip. Virtually any combination of the two grants certain advantages: the sword allows use of cleave, cross, decapitate; the spear allows use of impale, hamstring, legsweep; the whip allows use of choke, strip, ensnare and the benefits of whip mastery; flail allows use of batter and shield disarm.

They also have many weapon-independent abilities, many of which can be chained together for increased effectiveness. These include corner and feint, corner and taunt, and so on. This also makes use of their bloodlust skill, which should preserve their ability to fight groups by killing or incapacitating members of that group. Additionally, they have two different types of skill-induced blindness, which are situation-dependent (dirt kicking and gouge).

Defensively, gladiators are surprisingly solid, having parry, dodge, showmanship, and whip mastery. Broad weapon selection, and not being bound to using a shield or losing defense when dual wielding, allows them to make good use of what they get. Feint can be effective against opponents with high numbers of attacks as well, allowing a gladiator to have fewer attacks to block. Endure and the high hp dice of the gladiator class also allow them to take substantially more damage than other warriors might without dying.

It should be noted that gladiators now have a far more pronounced charisma component to their class, primarily in the skills bravado, feint, and taunt. This ability score makes these skills substantially better and should be a point of consideration when spending trains.

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