Races: Aelin, Caladaran, Human, Shuddeni, Nefortu.
Alignments: Any Non-Chaotic

Psionicists are masters of mental discipline. Their unique command of their own minds allow them to influence the minds of others, see dimly into the future, control their own body, and use telekinesis to demonstrate the power of mind over matter.

Skills and Psionic Abilities

Level Skill
Level 1: Dagger, Meditation, Spear, Staff, Sword
Level 5: Parry
Level 7: Haggle
Level 14: Kick
Level 15: Trance
Level 19: Backlash
Level 25: Mindlink, Second Attack
Level Psionic Abilities
Level 3: Ordered Mind
Level 6: Mindshield, Sense Danger
Level 7: Shove
Level 8: ESP
Level 9: Accelerated Healing
Level 10: Detect Life
Level 11: Block Vision, Leech, Psionic Blast
Level 12: Ignore Pain
Level 14: Deflection
Level 15: Levitation
Level 16: Enhance Pain, Reduce Pain, Sensory Vision
Level 17: Paranoia
Level 18: Mind Thrust, Foresight
Level 19: Read Thoughts
Level 21: Vertigo
Level 22: Symbiont
Level 23: Enhance Reflexes, Prowess
Level 24: Psychic Block
Level 26: Confusion
Level 27: Adrenaline Rush
Level 29: Overwhelm
Level 30: Dominance
Level 31: Conceal Thoughts
Level 32: Slow Reflexes
Level 34: Suggestion
Level 36: Forget


Psionicists in groups will almost always be welcome, since they can increase the mana regeneration rate of any non-chaotic individual. The psionic blast skill is also a good way to do a huge amount of damage. The psionicist gets several very useful buffs for personal protection, rendering her significantly tougher in a melee situation than the average scholar. Finally, the class has a huge array of maledictions, but most of these are only really effective in PK situations.

Earth scholars are of a particular concern to psionicist, as the scholars spell flesh to stone freezes a psionicist, causing him/her to lose mana fast, and regenerate none. When the psionicist turns back into flesh, he/she will often be very vulnerable.

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