Races: Alatharya, Ethron, Human, Kankoran, Srryn
Alignments: Any

The class of rangers is composed of those who have made the forest their home, learning and adapting the ways of nature to their own needs. Relying on their own considerable fighting prowess and their ability to survive in flourish in almost any sort of terrain, rangers often work to both protect their home as well as use it for their own ends.

Rangers are the most skilled of Avendar's archers, and dangerous hunters in their own right. Wielders of many weapons and effective with all of them, their methods trend toward the tried-and-true, favoring brutal efficiency over the rigorous training inherent to many other classes.


Level Skill
Level 1: Axe, Dagger, Dodge, Hand to Hand, Mace, Spear, Sword
Level 2: Dirt Kicking
Level 3: Endurance, Night Vision
Level 4: Forage, Find Water
Level 5: Enhanced Damage, Fast Healing
Level 6: Dual Wield
Level 7: Swim, Trip
Level 8: Parry
Level 9: Camouflage, Sharp Vision
Level 10: Farsight
Level 11: Bash
Level 12: Second Attack
Level 13: Poultice
Level 14: Lunge
Level 15: Lore, Wildcraft
Level 16: Drag, Terrain Lore
Level 17: Wilderness Movement
Level 18: Disarm, Third Attack
Level 19: Cook
Level 20: Archery
Level 21: Tan
Level 22: Apply Barbs
Level 23: Encamp
Level 24: Meditation
Level 25: Ambush, Fletch
Level 26: Huntersense
Level 27: Stash
Level 28: Predatory Attack
Level 29: Scouting
Level 30: Precision
Level 31: Entangle
Level 32: Ready
Level 33: Pounce
Level 35: Apply Poison
Level 36: Trackless Step
Level 38: Camouflage Blind
Level 40: Trueshot


A ranger is obviously most effective in the wild, and least effective in cities. When on the grasslands or within the forests, his defense is improved by terrain lore. However, when in the mountains, or swamps, or desert, this skill takes on a far more offensive focus, hampering foes rather than evading attacks. While on many terrains, a ranger can use wilderness movement and camouflage to conceal himself from all classes which do not have sharp vision, and this concealment makes for an easy staging point for melee ambushes or arrows. He may also make a camp which shields him from bad weather and improves his regeneration rate.

The skills a ranger learns allow him to get virtually everything he needs from the outdoors. He can find food with forage, and water with find water, or roast fallen foes with cook. The wildcraft skill is a companion to tan, which allows a ranger to create many simple weapons, bows, arrows, firekits, and nets. The weapons are of reasonable average at every almost every level, meaning a ranger is never at a loss for the sorts of weapons he will use. Further, tan allows him to craft almost all armor varieties from the bodies of fallen foes, the armor in question improving as his skill in tan improves and the power of the fallen opponent increases. Many races give tanning extra benefits over the usual modifiers, including resistances.

The melee skills a ranger receives are weapon-independent, allowing him to use anything, from his bare hands, to weapons he's made, to weapons obtained from shops or kills. Ambush deals impressive damage, assuming the person ambushed cannot see him; lunge is consistent, if unimpressive, in-round melee damage; pounce allows him to temporarily prevent an opponent from flying; and predatory attack allows him to circle weakened foes and hinder their attempts to escape. Rangers also receive entangle, which allow them to use self-made and otherwise-obtained nets to delay and hinder their foes in melee.

Archery is perhaps the flagship skill of rangers. His ability to craft his own bows and arrows, and then improve them with many other skills (such as apply barbs, fletch, and apply poison) means he will not be beholden to shopkeepers for his supplies. Precision means his arrows will strike for more damage than those of other archers, and ready can be used to prepare a shot against those who might enter his scouting range. Trueshot gives a ranger a chance for his arrows to survive the impact of a shot; assuming he kills his foe, it should give him an opportunity to recover the arrow from the corpse.

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