Races: Alatharya, Ethron, Human, Kankoran, Srryn, Chaja,
Alignments: Any

Rangers are a warrior class, and the most skilled archers of Avendar. They can detect the tracks of people in the wilderness and hide their own tracks, and can craft their own weapons, armor, and utility items.

Signature Skills

Camouflage, Camouflage blind and Wilderness Movement. These skills allow the ranger to move unseen through Avendar. Both skills works in forests, fields, hills, deserts and mountains, and Camouflage also works on roads and underground. Because Wilderness Movement does not work on roads or underground, a ranger will step out of camouflage and lose Wilderness Movement when moving in these types of rooms. It is much harder to camouflage when bleeding or blinded, but the Camouflage blind skill does not suffer from those same drawbacks, and in addition can camouflage a whole group. Rangers automatically start with the ability to Camouflage and use Wilderness Movement, and can learn the skill Camouflage blind.

Archery, Arrowcraft, Precision, Trueshot. These abilities allow the ranger to excel at Archery. Precision increases the damage done by arrows, while Trueshot allows the ranger to lag opponents, shoot quicker, and retrieve most of his arrows from corpses. Arrowcraft allows a ranger to add bleeding-causing barbs, slow-causing poison, or burns-causing fire to his arrows.

Nariel's Whistle, Shared Instincts, Savage Interception, Feral Bond. These abilities relate to the ranger's bond with his pet, and allow him to call the pet, fight better with his pet around, let it chase to attack the targets a ranger attacks with archery, and to keep each other from dying by taking fatal hits.

Tan, Wildcraft, Find Water, Forage, Cook. Crafting related: The skills a ranger learns allow him to get virtually everything he needs from the outdoors. He can find food with forage, and water with find water, or roast fallen foes with cook. The wildcraft skill is a companion to tan, which allows a ranger to create many simple weapons, bows, arrows, firekits, and nets. The weapons are of reasonable average at every almost every level, meaning a ranger is never at a loss for the sorts of weapons he will use. Further, tan allows him to craft almost all armor varieties from the bodies of fallen foes, the armor in question improving as his skill in tan improves and the power of the fallen opponent increases. Many races give tanning extra benefits over the usual modifiers, including resistances.

Encamp. With encamp rangers also have the ability to quit the game anywhere in the wilderness.


Rangers' combat skills, beyond direct-damage skills like ambush (which can lag the opponent, but not as long as it lags the ranger) and lunge (which also penalises armor class), have several abilities that are tailored towards keeping people in combat that are hard to counter - they have the ability to bring flying opponents down with Pounce, negating natural flight or flight spells, and so catch them in pre-set snares or lag them by tripping. They are also efficient in lagging fleeing opponents with Predatory Attack.

Rangers also receive Entangle and Sidestep, which allow them to use self-made and otherwise-obtained nets to lag an opponent, cause him to lose a single attack every round, and cause their pets to do an extra attack every round. Opponents tend to automatically work themselves out of nets quickly though. Having a net in your inventory at all time is a good idea. The sidestep skill allows a ranger to lag those that try to lag the ranger with a bash, shield bash, grapple, pummel or submission hold.

Tips and tricks.

  • Archery works in combat.
  • The melee skills a ranger receives are weapon-independent, allowing him to use anything, from his bare hands, to weapons he's made, to weapons obtained from shops or kills.
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