Spirit Templar
Spirit Templar
Races: Aelin, Ch'taren, Ethron, Human, Kankoran
Alignments: Any Non-Lawful Good

Spirit templars combine the magics of spirit with the combat abilities of a warrior. Historically, spirit templars first appeared in Avendar with the arrival of the ch'taren, and the defeat of the shuddeni in the War of Night. Their magic is focused on purity, unlocking their own potential, and tapping the powers of the spirit realm. Due to their intense devotion to the cause of the light, spirit templars must be Good-aligned.

Skills and Spells

Level Skill
Level 1: Dagger, Hand to Hand, Scrolls, Spear, Sword, Wands, Whip
Level 3: Kick
Level 5: Enhanced Damage
Level 6: Dual Wield
Level 7: Parry
Level 9: Fast Healing
Level 12: Second Attack
Level 13: Meditation
Level 14: Dodge
Level 15: Rescue
Level 16: Trip
Level 18: Third Attack
Level 22: Sortie
Level 25: Lucid Dreaming
Level 28: Trance
Level 30: Weavesense
Level Spell
Level 2: Armor
Level 3: Searing Light
Level 4: Detect Invis
Level 5: Continual Light
Level 7: Bless
Level 8: Invisibility
Level 10: Shield
Level 11: Blade of Light
Level 13: Seraphic Wings
Level 15: Consecrate Weapon
Level 16: Remove Hex
Level 17: Zeal
Level 18: Aura
Level 20: Truesight
Level 21: Ray of Light
Level 23: Astral Form
Level 24: Rite of Nathli
Level 25: Soul Flare
Level 26: Ward of Grace
Level 27: Radiance
Level 29: Wrath of Kyana
Level 30: Positive Channel
Level 31: Exorcism
Level 32: Vengeance
Level 33: Thanatopsis
Level 34: Unseen Servant
Level 36: Invocation of Converu
Level 38: Spirit Sanctuary
Level 40: Rune of Spirit
Level 42: Resonance


The spirit templar is tailor-made for dealing heavy damage to evil, particularly to shuddeni, Void scholars, Void templars, demons, and undead. To this end, they often focus primarily on the light and holy damage types. Shuddeni, with their vulnerability to light, take increased damage from spells such as glowing gaze, ray of light, and blade of light. Demons, undead, and void casters often have a vulnerability to holy damage, and thus take increased damage from vengeance, consecrate weapon, and wrath of Kyana. When dealing with conjured demons, invocation of Converu can instantly banish them via an area of effect attack. Undead alone suffer from rite of Nathli, which when it does not deal heavy damage, instantly kills them. Spells such as positive channel and zeal increase a spirit templar's melee damage, as does the skill sortie.

Many defensive spells are also available to spirit templars. Lesser spirit shield reduces damage from undead and demons, as well as negative damage. Further, they receive a specialized form of bash protection in astral form, which also can negate the effect of pummel and grapple. Seraphic wings grants flight to spirit templars, although less effectively than that granted by the spell fly. Bless offers a measure of spell resistance through saves, both when cast on items, and when cast on the templar himself. He may remove void maladies, such as curse, blight of Adduthala, and others using the remove hex spell. Although not a spell, lucid dreaming is a variant of awaken that can allow a spirit templar to wake up when sleeping unnaturally (such as from waylay).

Mobility is one of the key features of the spirit templar class. He can traverse great distances when chaining unseen servant and an item marked with a rune of spirit. As this spell can also affect a room, it can in turn be used for escape. Rune of spirit moves the templar's entire group and should be accounted for. It also cannot move other groupmates who are cursed. Even in a norecall area, such as Gogoth, a spirit templar may use the spirit sanctuary spell to immediately pull his group into a temporary safe room. Although this can only be used infrequently, it acts as an ace in the hole in sudden and serious danger.

Uncovering evil is one of the major goals of any spirit templar, and he may do this either through seeing auras with the truesight spell, or an attempt to instantly discern the ethos and alignment of his target with know alignment. It should be noted, though, that know alignment is a very costly spell with significant lag, and as it is subject to saves, there is no guarantee it will even work. This spell also does not work out of PK range.

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