Races: Aelin, Ch'taren, Ethron, Human, Kankoran, Shuddeni, Srryn
Alignments: Any

Swordmasters are warriors who have devoted their life to mastering one weapon - the blade. Learned in ancient meditative techniques, they practice the art of ak'anginta: thought-to-form, where the blade becomes an extension of self, and acquires form. Using these "ginta" or "forms", a swordmaster becomes one of Avendar's most formidable opponents, displaying a mastery of his weapon unparalled by any other.

Swordmasters are dual-weapon specialists, and can dual wield nearly any two swords they can hold regardless of weight. They have several skills and abilities that improve their effectiveness while dual wielding.

Skills and Forms

Level Skill
Level 1: Dagger, Grace, Parry, Sword
Level 2: Enhanced Damage
Level 3: Dual Wield
Level 4: Dodge
Level 5: Rescue
Level 6: Fast Healing
Level 7: Meditation
Level 8: Offhand Parry
Level 9: Second Attack
Level 10: Meditative Strike
Level 12: Trip
Level 14: Disarm
Level 15: Third Attack
Level 17: Trance
Level 20: Offhand Disarm
Level 25: Fourth Attack
Level 30: Feint
Level 35: Reversal of Fortune
Level 40: Versatility
Level 46: Favored Blade


Any form-user may be forced out of his form by another player or mobile assuming the appropriate counterform. Conversely, both players and mobiles can be counterformed.

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