Races: Aelin, Ch'taren, Human, Kankoran, Nefortu, Srryn, Shuddeni
Alignments: Any

One of the world's oldest professions, a thief is a master of acquisition, stealth, and precision. He lives not only off of the generosity of others, but rather makes his own "good will" with a deft hand and a sharp edge. Despite the nature of the class being given to the morally questionable, a thief my follow whatever path suits him; from the pettiest of selfishness to championing the poor. A thief is rarely underestimated and often feared, skilled as he is with two daggers.


Level Skill
Level 1: Backstab, Dagger, Hand to Hand, Steal, Sword, Whip
Level 2: Peek
Level 3: Dirt Kicking
Level 4: Dodge, Dual Wield
Level 5: Pick Lock
Level 6: Obscure Evidence
Level 7: Kick
Level 8: Detect Theft, Listen
Level 9: Enhanced Damage
Level 10: Detect Hidden, Second Attack
Level 11: Trip
Level 12: Haggle, Tumbling
Level 13: Fast Healing, Plant
Level 14: Conceal
Level 15: Cower
Level 16: Relock
Level 17: Throw
Level 18: Dash
Level 19: Disarm, Parry
Level 20: Third Attack, Waylay
Level 21: Cutpurse, Trap
Level 22: Meditation
Level 23: Bargain
Level 24: Retreat
Level 25: Slice
Level 26: Sleeve
Level 27: Loot
Level 29: Opportunism
Level 30: Circle Stab
Level 31: Rush
Level 32: Pilfer
Level 34: Final Strike
Level 36: Defensive Roll
Level 38: Dual Backstab
Level 40: Shadow Mastery


In most circumstances, a thief is at his best when he is not tanking, but rather leaving that to a more capable class such as fighter, swordmaster, and so on (or in some cases, a loyal retainer). This gives them the ability to use one of their two most popular skills, circle stab, which deals spectacular damage of the thief's weapon's type. Because this attack is saveless and can be of virtually any damage type, it has long been a fan favorite.

Alone, a thief should have a fair bit of survivability, taking some of his defensive cues from the bard, in terms of using sword parry/dodge/tumbling. The addition of tumbling at the expense of shield block should give thieves everywhere a round less of pain when attempting to use backstab, failing a waylay, or any number of other common thief scenarios. While their defenses are reasonably good, it should be noted that against a melee class, the thief's defensive power is not quite as good as that of the assassin.

In-round, a thief will have their choice of attacks, including throw, slice, or kick (and when not at the front, circle stab). This should account for virtually all circumstances in which a thief is attempting to do things; this preparedness theme is also why a thief gains hand to hand. However, a thief often has to make a quick escape. The dash skill removes movement lag on a thief for an ample time, giving him plenty of speed to outrun his pursuers. Hide, and later shadow mastery, allow him to conceal himself from view, while the conceal skill allows him to stash loot off of his person if he fears his imminent death.

Thieves are particularly effective against scholars, as the scholar's limited melee output and generally poor melee defense make them easy targets. Additionally, the opportunism skill combats some of the scholar's (and to a lesser extent, templar's) magic. On the other hand, such skills are of little use against a true melee class, and may be quite difficult for some thieves to overcome.

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