Void Templar
Void Templar
Races: Aelin, Ethron, Human, Shuddeni, Kankoran, Srryn, Nefortu
Alignments: Any Non-Good and Non-Chaotic

Combining the diabolic magic of the Void with a keen swordmanship, these templars are among the most feared in Avendar. The origins of their training lie with the shuddeni and their campaign of terror during the War of Night. The resulting mix of disciplines resulted in a warrior who can bind demons into weapons, feast on the energies of his foes, and take on the aspects of a demon himself.

Skills, Spells, and Forms

Level Skill
Level 1: Dagger, Scrolls, Shield Block, Sword, Wands, Whip
Level 3: Night Vision
Level 5: Enhanced Damage
Level 6: Second Attack
Level 7: Meditation
Level 8: Parry
Level 9: Fast Healing
Level 11: Trip
Level 12: Dual Wield
Level 15: Flay
Level 17: Shield Bash
Level 18: Third Attack
Level 19: Haggle
Level 20: Inscribe
Level 22: Trance
Level 27: Blindfighting
Level 31: Shadow Strike
Level 36: Pestilence
Level Spell
Level 2: Armor
Level 3: Enervating Ray
Level 4: Detect Invis
Level 5: Dim
Level 7: Blindness
Level 8: Invisibility
Level 10: Shield
Level 11: Desecrate Weapon
Level 13: Curse
Level 14: Pass Door
Level 16: Identify
Level 17: Demonic Howl
Level 19: Poison
Level 20: Leech Rune
Level 21: Harm
Level 22: Mire of Oame
Level 24: Hunger of Grmlarloth
Level 25: Curse of Kijjasku, Plague
Level 26: Blade of Vershak
Level 28: Caress of Pricina
Level 29: Siphon Mana
Level 30: Demonic Possession, Jaws of Idcizon
Level 32: Defilement of Logor
Level 33: Globe of Darkness
Level 34: Blight of Adduthala
Level 38: Embrace of Isetaton
Level 40: Phase Door
Level Form
Level 16: Form of the Wraith
Level 23: Form of the Asp


The forms offered by this class are some of the best in the game and should be a cornerstone of an effectively played character. Form of the wraith can be nearly indefinitely maintained, and the damage reduction it offers stacks with many other common defensive spells, such as sanctuary and stone skin. When paired with high saves, it can reduce very powerful in-round spells significantly. Form of the asp applies strength and dexterity damage every time it triggers, as well as bleeding. The combination of these factors can force unprepared opponents to drop weapons, defend less capably, and be unable to become invisible, hidden or camouflaged.

A void templar has a wide variety of darkness-related abilities. He can see in darkness with night vision, so he no longer requires glowing items or other light sources to see. Additionally, when blind, he can fight and defend as capably as when he can see. The dim spell can darken a room, requiring those in it to have glowing items or infravision to see (much as the natural state of things at night or underground), in addition to dispelling the room-lighting effects of continual light. Shadow strike will deal damage as well as carries with it a fixed chance of blinding them without the opportunity for a spell save. In more dire circumstances, globe of darkness can be used to create an area of darkness that most light sources cannot penetrate. This can be particularly effective for hiding, as it can remove the void templar and those with him from where.

It should be noted that void templars are especially vulnerable to spirit templars. Spells such as radiance will pierce both mundane and magical darkness, while holy damage from consecrate weapon will deal more damage through form of the wraith and demonic possession. Exorcism is a particularly dangerous spell to be aware of, as it can release demon bindings and end demonic possession immediately. Conversely, a void templar is effective against water templars, as they can counter enemy forms and reduce cold damage with mire of Oame. Additionally, defilement of Logor can create weapons which pierce through the protection of sanctuary, upon which a water templar relies.

Negative damage is a thorough part of a void templar's repertoire. He can change his weapons to deal negative damage using desecrate weapon, deal heavy negative damage with harm, and increase an opponent's vulnerability to negative damage using blight of Adduthala. The defilement damage type also counts as negative for these purposes. This makes a void templar a particularly dangerous enemy to ch'taren, who already have a racial vulnerability to negative damage.

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