Water Scholar

Encompassing the powers of healing, protection, and knowledge, scholars of this sphere draw their influence from the powers of water. Resonanting with lawful and good tendencies, scholars who are chaotic or evil cannot choose this sphere as a discipline.

Skills and Spells

Level Skill
Level 1: Dagger, Mace, Staff, Scrolls, Staves. Wands
Level 6: Meditation
Level 7: Haggle
Level 14: Trance
Level 19: Parry
Level 30: Second Attack, Fast Healing
Level 45: Diagnose
Level Spell
Level 1: Armor, Cure Light, Iceshard
Level 4: Create Food, Detect Invis
Level 5: Cure Serious, Refresh
Level 6: Create Spring
Level 9: Cure Poison
Level 10: Cure Critical
Level 11: Cure Blindness, Water Breathing
Level 13: Cure Disease
Level 14: Cancellation
Level 15: Identify, Locate Object
Level 16: Holy Water
Level 17: Rune of Life
Level 19: Protective Shield, Protection From Fire
Level 20: Heal, Remove Curse
Level 21: Sanctuary
Level 22: Flood, Water Walk
Level 23: Communion, Heatsink
Level 25: Water Elemental Summon, Word of Recall
Level 27: Frostbite
Level 28: Iceblast, Mass Heal
Level 30: Purify, Shield, Protection From Poison
Level 31: Currents, Whirlpool
Level 34: Revitalize
Level 35: Meld With Water
Level 37: Rebirth
Level 38: Scry, Ice Storm
Level 40: Encase
Level 42: Resurrection


Water scholar is one of those classes where practice-saving can really shine. You can make it to level 10 without practicing any of your cure spells— each of which is obsoleted by the next and will never be used again. Cure critical is, however, invaluable and has the best hp restored/mp cost ratio for healing in the game. Iceshard is similarly easily skippable, and the water scholar's pre-iceblast MP is best spent healing, in combat.

Water scholars are unique in that they often stay out of combat when fighting with a group. By turning of autoassist and not attacking or casting any offensive spells in th target, this can be easilly achieved. Staying out of combat alllows the water scholar to sleep during ticks and between heals, restoring large amounts of mana. Also, this allows the user to recast sanctuary if it falls from the tank during a fight. As long as you are in the same room as the target when your group kills it, you gain full experience even if you never engaged in combat.

Get a silken meditation mat and be prepared to use it alot.

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