Water Templar
Water Templar
Races: Aelin, Ch'taren, Ethron, Human, Nefortu, Kankoran, Srryn
Alignments: Any Non-Evil and Non-Chaotic

Templars of water combine the healing and protective magics of water with the combat abilities of renowned generals. They often lead companies of men into epic battles, using their magic to protect and heal the injured, allowing them to fight legions of enemies. They are also one of the few classes able to utilize forms.

Water templar has been called one of the most new-player-friendly classes in the game. Despite this sort of reputation, the class can be remarkably effective in tanking, healing, and killing roles.

Skills, Spells, and Forms

Level Skill
Level 1: Dagger, Mace, Scrolls, Shield Block, Spear, Sword, Wands
Level 3: Bandage
Level 5: Enhanced Damage
Level 6: Second Attack
Level 7: Meditation
Level 8: Parry
Level 9: Fast Healing
Level 11: Rescue
Level 12: Dual Wield
Level 17: Shield Bash
Level 18: Third Attack
Level 22: Trance
Level 26: Shield Cover
Level 30: Healing Ward
Level 36: Frost Strike
Level Spell
Level 2: Armor
Level 4: Detect Invis
Level 5: Create Food
Level 6: Refresh
Level 7: Cure Serious
Level 8: Iceshard
Level 9: Create Spring
Level 10: Shield
Level 13: Icy Shield
Level 14: Cure Blindness
Level 15: Frostbrand
Level 17: Water Breathing
Level 19: Identify
Level 20: Life Shield
Level 21: Cure Critical
Level 22: Aquatic Movement
Level 24: Cure Poison, Icebolt
Level 25: Rune of Life
Level 27: Sanctuary
Level 28: Douse
Level 29: Remove Curse
Level 31: Cone of Cold
Level 32: Holy Water
Level 33: Freeze
Level 34: Ranged Healing
Level 38: Icy Prison
Level 40: Wall of Water
Level Form
Level 16: Form of the Living Seas
Level 23: Form of the Winter Wind


One of the strongest tactics in a water templar's arsenal is automatic healing, and many class abilities they receive assist this. For this reason, a powerful tanking water templar will often stockpile and use life shields. Because these crumble over time and through use, this requires making a life shield whenever possible and storing it in a container, so it can be quickly retrieved if the other breaks. Store at least one icy shield at the bottom of the container, so you have one unbreakable shield for in case your life shields run out. Simultaneously, a water templar should basically always be wielding a weapon branded with a rune of life. If he so chooses, he can also use form of the living seas for further automatic healing that improves with level.

A water templar has many tactics to assist his groupmates. Some of the most obvious are healing spells and sanctuary, but they can also cure many common maledictions, including blindness, curse, and poison, and various fire afflictions. They also receive rescue, allowing them to be at the front of any fight they wish. The healing power of life shield will spread to their group, so the use of shield cover in conjunction with life shield can be a powerful group healing combination. Under heavy damage, healing ward can supplement this with a sudden heal of a substantial amount, as well as temporarily boost the water templar's melee damage (as rally).

In PK, a water templar has significant power to debilitate his foes. He may do this using form of the winter wind, which will penalize the dexterity and percentages of those he is targeting. It also has a chance to cause them to drop a weapon they are wielding, giving it substantial synergy with the frost strike skill. This skill can be attempted every round while in form, and it has a chance to put the effect of frostbite on the target, which will also potentially cause them to drop their weapons. In common circumstances, a water templar will often alternate between either cure critical, icebolt, or shield bash depending on their group's needs. It should be noted that until around level 35, cure serious will heal more efficiently than cure critical.

When fighting opponents using fire damage, icy shield and wall of water can be particularly effective at reducing it. Wall of water also has two additional side effects: it can reveal hidden people in the room, and will also cause those who lack water breathing to begin to drown. Both of these features can be powerful tools in PK as well.

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