Random snippets of information about dying in Avendar.

1. You have a fixed number of deaths to go.
2. You have a fixed number of years to go.
3. There is some variation on 1 and 2.
4. Alchemists can influence 2. (possibly 1 too)
5. You can tell something about 2 by the age you have at creation (ch'taren are for example younger than 10 years old at creation). In general, long-lived races have less deaths before final death, and short-lived races have more of them.
6. The long-lived trait increases 2. Not sure if it influences 1 as well (in a negative way)
7. The survivor trait increases 1.

Number of lives:
More than most any player will ever use up.

Starting age:
Caladaran: 25
Aelin: 19
Shuddeni: 19
Human: 18
Ethron: 17
Kankoran: 16
Alatharya: 14
Nefortu: 14
Ch'taren: 7

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