The classes of Avendar have a large selection in defensive techniques. Here we compare some of them, and give pointers on how to practice them.

Basic melee defenses:

Parry, dodge and shield block are the most commonly available defensive skills, and are often aquired early in life. As they are aquired this early, they can be easily practiced. At low levels, mobiles often 'miss' a player, when the player has a sufficiently high armor class. This means that players can gather a host of low-level mobiles to attack them, turn of 'autoattack' themselves to prevent killing of the mobiles and practice their defense in relative safety.

Of the three, parry and shield block can be regulated (by not wielding a weapon and not wearing a shield), while dodge will always function. Seasoned players will therefore first try to become more skilled in parry and shield block before practicing dodge at the guildmaster. In general, parry and dodge are learned fairly quickly (especially when wielding a defensive weapon like staff or spear), but shield block is nearly an order of magnitude harder to become well-versed in. Make sure that you have gathered equipment that maximizes the intelligence of your character, and if your character has a low natural intelligence, consider taking the critical eye to speed up the rate with which you learn skills.

Other melee defenses:

Three other melee defense skills are evade, tumble and fend. Tumble, by itself will increase so rapidly that it doesn't make sense to try and practice that. Just general fighting and ranking will quickly perfect the skill. Evade and fend might be more tricky to learn. Most often, people make sure that when ranking, or when in a group, their character is taking the blows (tanking), so that they can practice their defenses.

Wildcraft by itself is not a defense, but increases the chance that the other three defenses function, while in non civilized areas (i.e. areas that you can't quit in).

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