Demon Binding

Void templars, like their void scholar brethren, deal in the binding of demonkind. Both make use of the inscribe skill to achieve this, but in different ways. While a void scholar learns void symbols to use in her conjurations, a void templar begins play with the inscription required: the trigon of binding.

To perform a binding, a void templar must inscribe the trigon in the room in which he intends to cast the binding spell. For the purposes of safety, it is recommended that the chosen room be one with a single, lockable exit in case the spell should fail and the demon be free. The trigon must be inscribed in in the proper material, depending on which binding is being performed. After the trigon is inscribed, the binding spell may then be cast.

If the binding is successful, that weapon or shield can now only be wielded or worn by the void templar who performed the binding ritual; others will be zapped by it when they attempt to do so. If the casting is unsuccessful, the summoned creature will either attack or punish the void templar, which may result in the devouring the templar's corpse and possessions.

It should be noted that undertaking a binding spell is a dangerous proposition. Should the void templar misplace one of his weapons, be it by being disarmed, allowing his corpse to be looted, and so on, the demon will be released if that weapon is destroyed with the destroy command. The spirit templar spell exorcism can also release a bound demon from an item. If this happens, the demon will gate to the void templar who bound it and attack, much in the same fashion as if the templar's spell had failed.

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