Double First Round

Double first rounds occur occasionally ,and are a benefit of the kill / hit / murder command. Below is an example of a class with dual wield and second and third attack. As you can see, the player in the example lands five pierces, and three punches (not all second and third attacks came through). In the first part of the double round, the player lands three pierces and two punches, and in the second part he gains another two pierces and one punch.

Rounds like this happen occasionally, and can be a reason for melee classes to rescue each other, if they have no other skills worth using in combat (swordmasters, rangers and to a lesser degree, fighters).

Your mediocre pierce harms the black beetle.
Your paltry punch damages the black beetle.
Your average pierce rends the black beetle.
Your telling pierce mauls the black beetle!
Your paltry punch tears into the black beetle.
Your average pierce mutilates the black beetle.
Your paltry punch mauls the black beetle.
Your pierce maims the black beetle.
You skillfully dodge the black beetle's attack.
The black beetle looks pretty hurt.

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