Syntax: assume <form's name>

Ak'anginta, or thought-to-form, typically called "Ginta" or simply "forms" are meditative fighting stances which utilize a sword, which becomes an extension of the wielder and takes on form of its own. Practiced mostly by swordmasters, but also integrated into the magics of their spheres by air, water, and void templars, forms represent the height of mastery of the blade in Avendar.

A form will either have a static effect that the user will always be affected by as long as they hold their stance, or it will have a chance to deliver a form-dependant effect every combat round as long as the form remains active and the user fighting. The player's percentage in a form will always affect the ease of assuming that form, but is not always linked to the efficacy of that form. Each form has a cost in mana that is deducted every combat round that is fought while in form, or when the form is assumed. When the user's mana is depleted, he automatically steps out of form.

Most forms have a specific counterform, an opposing stance whose motions are by their very nature disruptive to that form, and being faced with an appropriate counterform in combat will cause a form-user to lose his stance.

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