Form Of The Living Seas
Effect: Static
Per Round Cost: 5 mana

A fusion of the healing magics of the seas and the sword-forms utilized by swordmasters, a water templar may use this form to heal himself slightly every round of combat. If underwater, this form will heal the templar and his group; in either case, the amount healed is proportional to the user's level.

The amount healed scales per level and reaches up to 15 hp/round at hero.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom, Dexterity

Previous to July 26, 2010 the form had the following effect:
If a water templar is wielding a weapon bearing a rune of life, form of the living seas spreads the healing effect to all members of the water templar's group. Otherwise, this form has no effect.

This spell synergizes well with shield cover and life shield for providing healing to an entire group.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

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