Form Of The Rose
Effect: Chance
Per Round Cost: 15 mana

The form of the rose takes advantage of the swordmaster's tremendous ability to parry and uses it to turn his opponent's attacks back against them. At every successful parry or offhand parry made by the swordmaster, there is a chance that the swordmaster will execute a riposte, dealing damage against the enemy. Mainhand parries will result in more damaging ripostes than those delivered from an offhand parry, and those dealt from the primary hand will return the enemy's own damage type against him. Those delivered via offhand will always deal piercing damage. Ripostes are always more effective against enemies who are not wearing a shield.

Contrary to much popular opinion, the enemy need not be wielding a sword in order for one to make ripostes. However, the enemy must be wielding a weapon, thus making this form's primary usage in PK, as most mobiles do not wield weapons. Unlike many swordmaster forms, the success rate of this form will benefit by an increased percentage.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Dexterity

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