Primary combat attacks

Regular attacks represent a large amount of the damage a player can do to someone else. It is worth investing in good gear (that adds +hit and +dam) and a high ave weapon early on, even for mages, when they haven't reached the level yet where magic starts becoming their primary means of damage. At hero level, regular attacks again become the largest part of the damage output for those with excellent equipment.

Primary attacks

First attack (all classes)

Second attack (all classes)

Dual wield (all warriors, all rogues, all templars, rangers), Floating Weapon (Air scholars)

Third attack (all warriors, all rogues, all templars, rangers)

Fourth attack (Swordmasters, Gladiators), Swift Strike (Watchers)

Counterattacks (Fighters and Earth Templar (counterattack), Swordmaster (form of the rose))

Note, there are several other classes that have skills that occasionally result in a counterattack

Additional sources of primary attacks

Haste (from items), Hawkform (Druids), Enhanced Reflexes (Psionicists, Living Flame (Fire Scholars)

Notable items that provide haste are the crystal heart, the twice-blessed gloves, the ring of adi, and a special set of nefortean wingblades.

Blade of Vershak (Void Templars)

Charmies (charmies available in game, Earth and Water scholars (elementals), Air scholars (illusions), Alchemists (golem), Druids (sticks to snakes), Raiders (Bird of Carnage)).

Forms of the Mongoose, Form of the Eagle (Swordmaster), Form of the Phantasm (Air templars)

Corner (Gladiators), Form of the Whirlwind (Swordmasters), Fury (Barbarians)

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