Primary combat defenses

Primary combat defenses defend your character against the regular attacks that every other character makes with his/her weapon. In general, parry and shield-block are the most important defenses, and the others have a lower degree of success. Most non-player mobiles make one or two attacks per round of combat, but players usually make more (see primary-attacks), and these attacks constitute a large part of their damage output, especially for well-equipped heroes. Thus it is worth to figure out what weapons to use against what opponent!

Parry (all classes)

Parry is the primary defense skill of almost all characters in Avendar. Fighters gain a bonus to parry for all weapon types. Swordmasters parry more effectively with swords than other classes. Gladiators wielding exotic weapons parry more often than other classes using them do, and can learn how to wield whips in their off-hand without a penalty to parrying.

Suitability of weapon for parrying
Good: 1. Staffs, 2. Polearms and Spears
Basic: Swords and Exotics
Poor: 1. Maces, 2. Axes, 3. Flails, 4. Daggers, and 5. Whips

Difficulty of opponents' weapon to parry
Easy: Polearms
Moderate: Others
Hard: Daggers and Whips

Effect of off-hand weapon on parrying ability
Neutral: Swords and Spears
Detrimental: Others
Poor: 1. Flails and Whips, 2. Maces

Note that parry does not depend on dexterity to determine effectiveness, or on the ability of the character with the weapon he/she is parrying against. When not wielding a weapon, parry has never reduces the damage taken from melee combat.

Where the order within each category is known, the weapons are ranked from performing well to performing badly.

Shield blocking (fighters, barbarians, earth, water and void templars), Brawling block (bandits)

Easy: Daggers
Moderate: Others
Hard: Whips, Flails, Axes, Maces.

Dodge (all warriors, all rogues, air, fire and spirit templars, rangers, and alchemists)

Easy: Whips
Moderate: Others
Hard: Flails, Polearms

Dodge depends on the difference in Dexterity between the attacker and defender, and thus races with a high dexterity dodge more effectively (and have a chance to dodge even if they do not gain this skill).

Evade (assassins), Tumbling (thieves, bards)

Easy: Whips

Fending (fighters), Stone phalanx (earth templars)

Easy: Daggers, Axes, Staves
Hard: Whips, Spears, Polearms*

Offhand parry (swordmasters)

Easy: Polearms
Hard: Daggers, Whips

Deflection (watchers)

Easy: Spears, Polearms, Staves
Moderate: Others
Hard: Maces, Axes, Flails, Whips

Showmanship (gladiators)


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