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The Hall of Law is the House belonging to the Guardians of Law. This house is protected by a guard at the entrance off of Aragol Street in Var Bandor. The guard will not let anyone pass unless they are a Guardian. From here, the Guardian house is accessible to the East. Two guards will be stationed at the bottom of a stairwell, both with sanctuary. They both bash and trip, allowing for the wise guardian to wait above for the chance to ambush the criminal(s) and save themselves a bit of damage taking. From this room, there is an exit above you, that will take you to Jildrin and Biezkul, now Golems of Void, and Former Guardians of law. These mobiles can wreak havoc on a group, as they are capable of weakening a foe, and a small assortment of other skills. The weaken alone is heavily damaging to anyone trying to break into the house, not to mention that they deal a decent amount of damage and will take some time to kill before moving on to the rest of the house.

Once these two are dealt with, you stand in with four exits. Down will take you back where you've came from. If you look to the east you can see the Stone Golem standing in protection of the Guardians vault. To the north are more guards, a Sergeant, The guardian's trainer and healer, and the shops that sell water/clothing/food to the house.

To the south are more guards, a Sergeant, and the Guardians Leaders office, the shuddeni scribe, and the altars of law for the house. Unless there is a Guardian in the halls while you are raiding, I wouldn't bother with either direction, simply head east and prepare to fight for your bounty. If you simply wish to kill the Stone Golem, then see: Assaulting the Vault in the Hall of Law.

However, if you are planning a siege on the halls, then you will want to deal with the other mobiles, and kill the Guardians, reference: Assaulting the Hall of Law with a Guardian defending

And if you're the Guardian, trying to hold of the criminals, try Guardian Defense.

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