Assaulting the Hall of Law with a Guardian defending

So you're standing in the halls of law, and there is a Guardian inside that desperately needs to be killed. Very well, let's handle this. You should be standing in the room just above the stairs right now. Now, the Guardian house is FULL of Mobiles with sanctuary, massive amounts of Hp, and a vault with a room to either side housing a mob to assisst the Guardian.

By now the Guardian has more then likely shown himself, confident that he can run interference while you're killing off his guards. This is how to deal with that. If you are alone, cat and mouse will work, but if you are willing to enter his house and take on the mobs and him, you are more then likely with at the -least- one other person.

The Guardian has probably fled at this point, more then likely back into the depths of the house. To your north you have three room, each with a room to the side. The first step north will hold guards, and perhaps a sergeant, and to the west will be the house trainer. She can be quite nasty, as she will use cutoff, and wield a staff that will make quick work of you since you are a criminal. Avoid fleeing into her, or misstepping into that direction.

North of this room should be another guard, if not two, and to the east will be the house merchant. The merchant is pointless to kill, unless you just feel like adding insult to injury. However, the last room to the north is the house healer. Dispatching this mobile will prevent the guardian from healing inside the halls, and will clear out the northern branch leaving you free to run it as you like.

Now, from the south of the stairs are more guards with sanctuary. The first room to the south will house two guards, both with sanctuary. The only exits from this room are further south, or back to the top of the stairs.

To the south should be another guard, if not a sergeant. To the east are the shrines for the halls of law, and to the west the Guardian Leaders office. To the south is the shuddeni scribe, whom at the time of this writing, was not aggro to criminals.

East from the top of the stairs is a safe room, unless Bromrin is walking the halls, no other mobiles will enter here, and you will be safe to rest and recast anything that needs done before moving forward.

To the east of the safe room is the Vault. The stone golem is perhaps one of the worst lagging vault guards in Avendar, as some of his bashes can not be avoided. Fighting a Guardian here without proper preperation is foolish. HOWEVER…if your group has a healer, and at least one person that can rescue, this can be done. yet it should only be done as a last resort.

More times then not the Guardian is going to try to attack your group while you fight guards. They key to using this to your advantage is this: No one in your group should have autoassist
turned on. Allow the tank to walk into the room with the guards. Follow in, and have them rescue the non-tanking class. This will remove you from combat, and allow you to attack the guardian on sight. Should the guardian enter and attack the tank, then simply "kill <guardian>" will redirect your attacks at them, thus allowing the tank and the person rescued to lag and damage the guardian as they see fit.

The key to killing anyone within a house is patience. More times then not, the person in the house will get cocky, or make a mistake. Use this to your advantage, don't allow yourself to get worried about time, or get anxious about "near misses". Stay calm and work slowly to get to your goal. If you have patience and just think about what is going on, the worst that can happen is the guardian manages to slip away from you, and you live to fight him another day.

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