Assaulting the Vault in the Hall of Law

So no Guardians are around to harass you, so let's move on to taking down that pesky Golem. You will notice that as you stand above the stairs, the room to your east is empty. We'll call this a saferoom. This room is safe for resting from the golem, and all other house guards within the halls. Move here and make sure you are spelled up, ready and willing to go.

Your first order of business is to realize that there are two rooms beside the Golem. One to the north that houses a Sergeant with sanctuary, and one to the south that houses a Caladaran Earth scholar. Enter against the Golem (make sure you have protective shield or hellebore) and try to flee into either of these other mobs to kill them and make the raiding process easier.

Once these two are dead, we now focus on the Golem. This golem is made of stone, and thusly will take less damage from normal weapon types. It would be wise to have some form of magical damage, to help whittle down his massive amounts of HP, and finish him off before anyone shows up to ruin your day. The fight will be pretty straight forward.

This golem bashes, as well as lowers his shoulder and slams whomever is tanking the battle into the wall for a massive amount of lag that can not be avoided. If your group has a healer, make sure that you tank rescues him as you enter, as the golem doesn't cast spells, and won't bring him back into combat if he has the Autoassist command off.

From here you will see that the golem does hit everyone that is attacking him, and he hits for blunt damage. He is entirely immune to psionicist attacks, and is nearly incapable of being blinded. Your best bet is to have the healer focus on the health of the group, and let everyone else simply focus on damage. You now have three safe rooms in which you can flee. So when your healer is out of mana, or you are taking more damage then he can deal with, flee and sleep.
If you happen to flee into one of the side rooms where the guards were standing, have no worries. the guards won't attack you when you wake up, so long as you were already in the room before they repopped. If that is the case, get the group together, inform them of the guards return, and continue as planned.

Once the golem is dead (be sure that no one in the group is destroying corpses, and everyone is autolooting) you will get the Orb of Entry. It would be wise to send in the person that is capable of carrying the most weight (be it having them hand everything off, or however you wish to do it) and hand them the orb. "Allow me Entrance!" will suck them away into the Vault, where they can loot until their heart is content.

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