Bestiary And Vulns

Many of the beasts and races of Avendar have vulnerabilities to particular damage-types.

The races

  • Srryn: cold attacks
  • Kankoran: fire attacks
  • Aelin: blunt attacks
  • Alatharya: holy attacks
  • Shuddeni: light-based attacks
  • Nefortu: sound-based attacks
  • Ch'taren: negative attacks

Ranking mobs

  • Worms and Slugs of the Chaja Caves: magical weapons seem to hurt them more
  • Chaja servants of the Chaja Caves: appear to be vulnerable to blunt
  • Spiders of Qilarn: Blunt weapons
  • The Kkhilgh: Blunt weapons
  • Hill giants: lightning seems to hurt
  • Shargob crabs: blunt weapons

Hero-level ranking mobs

  • The ancient griffin: no known weaknesses
  • Ghaunda: no known weaknesses, unless it misses its amulet. Then it is vulnerable to holy damage.
  • The great Srorsian: cold
  • The High Kkhilgh: presumably blunt damage
  • The Yithoul High priest: light-based attacks
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