Guardian Defense

So you're a Guardian, minding your business in the halls of law, and a person or group comes in trying to kill you? What do you do? Try this.

The halls of law is quite large. It holds three branches, all with guards that hold sanctuary. Jildrin and Biezkul are very powerful, and an excellent place to try your first strike. These two will lag, weaken and otherwise tear into a group. If you're ready this would be the perfect time to strike. Instead of running directly into the room make sure to scan a few times and see what is going on. Is the entire group fighting, whom is the tank, do they have a healer, how many are there?

Standing either north or south of the stairs is probably the best place to be when someone first enters the house. Why? Because the Void Golems will attack them, and you will still be safe behind sanc'd guards. Once you have a handle on what is taking place, give it a few seconds to unfold. Don't be to quick to dart in and defend the halls. Patience is the key. If the group has no one capable of rescuing, then someone is going to flee with some damage taken already. By standing to either the north or south, you have a 25% chance that they will flee into you, and the guards your behind, leaving you wide open to finish them off. If you wait a few moments and no one flees, then take a quick scan, see what is going on and run in and try to get a few sticks in. Don't get over stupid about this, and flee when you start to see yourself in trouble.

Now, if they manage to finish off the two Golems, take stock of the situation again, and see what is going on. Do you need healing, the tend to that, and prepare to get back into action. The key here is to always be prepared. Use cover as you can, and never let yourself get pinned down. Keep them guessing as to what you're going to do, and when. Use your class to the best possible advantage If you can knock one out, focus on the healer, or the tank. can you blind, then try to do so. Can you curse, poison, plague…etc.. Use what you have at your disposal to the best possible advantage.

Make use of the house guards, trainer, golem. That's what they are there for, make them earn their pay. Remember, these are your halls. You know how wicked the trainer can be, get her into it. The golem can bash someone into oblivion, make use of that. Your guards have sanctuary, so they take a bit longer to kill, make them earn their board.

More times then not a group is going to get nervous or bored waiting on you to get yourself killed. Make them wait. They're already marked, so the guards around their altars are going to hamper them. You know they'll die eventually, the question is: Are they going to kill you and earn that marking, or just waste their time and die stupidly?

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