Whether you are completely new to mudding or merely browsing for a new mud out because you are unsatisfied with your previous fantasy-world, you will need some help 'getting started'. In the most practical sense, this means that you'll have to learn how to get from one part of the world to another, how and where to lead your avatar to let him/her grow in power, and where to gather gear or coin to outfit your avatar.

More information can be found in the ingame helpfiles, including things that are not in the wiki, as help on certain gods, roleplaying, the rules, the official helpfiles for skills and spells in avendar, etc, by typing ‘Help (Subject)’
You may also refer to the Help link on the Official Website to read the helpfiles while not currently playing.

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The Lay of the Lands

Basic World Map:

Scavenge for Gear

A nice basic set of gear can be found on a corpse in the Chaja Caves. You can get a quest and a map for this from a sandy-haired acolyte at the Nymph's Tears in Var Bandor (on Aragol Street). You can return to this corpse every couple of game hours and get the equipment over and over again. Sell the excess gear to the Armor Shop in Var Bandor until you have enough money to buy a decent weapon. Any of steel-shod/tempered steel weapons sold in the Weapon Shop are decent to start with. This page has a few identifies to help you find some good gear to buy from the shops.
For additional armor to wear/sell check out the locations marked by red X's on this map:

The following is an incomplete list of armor and weapons that are lying around, and therefore can be gathered by everyone without having to kill something. Missing is mostly shopkeeper stuff. Note that if you are a shuddeni, trying to go to Kor Thrandir to pick up some of the weapons is a sure way to die.


Worn on finger (2x)

a gleaming gold ring Lair @ Brintor Mountains hit+2
a slender pearl ring Corpse @ Nordath wis+1 int+1 res_neg+1 res_poi+1 res_mag+1
a ring set with a glittering ruby Lair @ Lizard Caves wis+1 int+1
a knotted wooden ring Tree @ Morn con+1 res_mag+3 svs-2
(missing: ring from Island/Swamp, don't know stats)

Worn around neck (2x)

an uncut sapphire pendant Chest @ Eril Village con+1
a patched cloak Corpse @ Chaja Caves wis+1 hit+2
a tooth of black stone Stone @ Sea of Lidraue str+1 dam+1 **Drains dragons

Worn on torso

copper chain mail Arslan @ Heroes School +1con
a beautiful dress of green velvet Wardrobe @ Clockwork Mansion mana+20 hp+20 chr+1
a vest of hardened leather Arik @ Morn dam+1 hp+10 hit+2
a doublet of meshed steel Cave @ Brintor Mountains dam+1 hit+1 hp+5

Worn on head

a felt hat Corpse @ Chaja Caves int+1 hit+1
a snowy hawks feather Nest @ Clockwork Mansion hit+3 mana+8 dex+1
a rusted plate helmet Barracks @ Nordath hit+1 dam+1 hp-5 svs+1 burn_proof
an old, battered helmet Lair @ Lizard Caves hp+5 dam+1 hit+1

Worn on legs

a skirt of meshed steel Cave @ Brintor Mountains dam+1 hp+3
some supple leather leggings Arik @ Morn svs-1 hp+14 mv+10

Worn on feet

a pair of green boots Corpse @ Chaja Caves hit+1 dex+1 mv+25

Worn on hands

a pair of leather gloves Corpse @ Chaja Caves hit+1 str+1 dam+1
a pair of kid skin gloves Arik @ Morn hp+10 dex+2

Worn on arms

some sleeves of meshed steel Cave @ Brintor Mountains dam+1 hp+2

Worn about body

a fine tunic Shop/Citizens @ Gaald +damage

Worn about waist

a black leather belt Corpse @ Chaja Caves hit+2 con+1 svs-1
a dark leather belt Arik @ Morn dam+1 hp+5

Worn around wrist

a bracer of red leather Arik @ Morn hp+10 hit+1 dam+1
a leather vambrace (Journey's end quest) @ Var Bandor con+1



a sharp wood-carving knife Cave @ Nordath 8d2 (ave 12) hp+5 dam+1 sharp
a dagger made from tempered steel VB Weapon Shop 7d3 (ave 14)
a heavy bladed knife Tomik @ Morn 7d3 (ave 14) dam+1
a light silver dagger Cave @ Brintor Mountains 5d5 (ave 15)


a rusted Nordath longsword Barrack @ Nordath 7d3 (ave 14)
a sword of tempered steel VB Weapon Shop 5d5 (ave 15)
a Kor Thrandian broadsword Barrack @ Kor Thrandir 8d3 (ave 16) hit+2


a filthy iron mace Lair @ Lizard Caves 4d5 (ave 12)


a Kor Thrandian flail Barrack @ Kor Thrandir 8d3 (ave 16) hit+2 dam+2

Polearm (2hand)

a long Kor Thrandian pike Barrack @ Kor Thrandir 5d6 (ave 17) dam+2
a long bladed scythe Tomik @ Morn 4d7 (ave 16) hit-1

Staff (2hand)

a long wooden staff Cave @ Sea of Lidraue 7d2 (ave 10)
a polished hickory staff Corpse @ Nordath 4d4 (ave 10) dam+1 dex+1
a blackened branch Tree @ Nordath 4d6 (ave 14) res_ene+2
a large wooden walking stick Skeleton @ Savannah 6d3 (ave 12) +move
a steel-shod staff VB Weapon Shop 4d7 (ave 16)


an old shovel Shed @ Morn 3d5 (ave 9) 2hand


a rusted tower shield Barracks @ Nordath dam+1 hp-5 hit+1 svs+1 burn_proof


  • 337 copper (3.37 gold) Chest @ Eril Village Requires stealing from the house of a good mayor in a lawful town, so characters which have a good and/or lawful alignment should think carefully if this fits into their role.
  • 5 silver (0.5 gold) Drowned bandit corpse underwater in Jasa lake. Mussels nearby can be used to gain free water breathing.

Note that most of the equipment listed above can also be sold in shops to make some money.

Where to Kill

While definitely these are not the only spots to rank, they stand out for being good spots to quickly gather XP. Of course, that also makes them good spots for other players to hunt your character! While evil characters probably have few restrictions on where to go for killing, good and neutral characters might. Therefore, the alignment of the mobiles below is shown between ( ). Note that there are many quests scattered throughout Avendar, that give you an alternative way of gathering XP. Also defined is whether a mobile is a non-humanoid, for those that do not wish to be mass-murderers. Lastly: mobs labeled with (easy) tend to be not that hard-hitting for their level / xp reward, and are therefore good targets for scholars.

Note that from lvl 15 onwards you can buy a charmie (a wooden statue) in southeastern var bandor, which will help especially scholars a lot in fighting mobs solo. Those that have explored the clockwork mansion in the woods of Nendor might find that they can acquire a charmie at an even earlier level (although before lvl 10, you probably don't need one anyway. You'd do fine on lizards and srryn and lowbie quests if you've gathered some of the equipment mentioned above)

  • 1-5:

(easy, non-humanoid) Heroes School

  • 5-10:

(easy, neutral, non-humanoid) roaches and small rats in Earendam Sewers
(easy, neutral, non-humanoid) Lizards in the Lizard Caves near the Krilin Fortress
(easy, neutral, non-humanoid) Horned lizards in Jasa Lake
(non-humanoid, part of pre-lvl 12 xp quest) small and dark rats in Earendam Sewers
(easy,good or neutral) Citizens and Travelers in Var Bandor Docks
Urchins and Thieves in Var Bandor

  • 10-15:

(easy, evil or neutral) Merchants in Var Bandor Docks
(easy, neutral) Young Srryn in Jasa Lake
(good) Merchants and Trappers in Eril Village

  • 15-20:

(easy, non-humanoid, sensitive to magic) Worms and Slugs in Chaja Caves
(easy, neutral) Dockhands in Var Bandor Docks
(good) Krilin Miners in Chaja Caves
(evil) Gray Chaja in Chaja Caves

  • 20-25:

(good, neutral?) Kankoran and aelin citizens in Krilin Fortress
Guards, Templars, and Messengers in Var Bandor
(good, neutral, evil) Merchant's Quarter's in Var Bandor
(evil) Large Chaja in Chaja Caves

  • 30-35:

(neutral, non-humanoid) Red deer in the Forest of Morn
(neutral, non-humanoid) Lions on the Savannah
(evil) Shura in the Dark Woods south of Inessa

About Dying:

There is a page on death , but in general the largest disadvantage is that someone might loot your corpse, and that you lose your heroes school sigil.

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