The inhabitants of Avendar are often in need of your assistance, and as such, there are many quests which you may take upon yourself to complete. The rewards usually come in the form of experience, gold or a weapon / piece of armor / trinket of some sort, but there are also quests that will further your aptitude in certain skills, or grant you new (flavor) skills altogether!

The quests are sorted by region (regions taken from The required level neccesary to complete the quest is denoted as ‘~lvl X’, and an enforced minimum / maximum level is shown as [X-Y].

Newbie School:

  • [1-5] Aquiring the Sigil, starting beyond the stone guardian (~lvl 3). The sigil gives some +stats, and a lightsource, and as such is handy for new adventurers. Recommended get!
  • Delivering a package, starting beyond the stone guardian. Rewards some xp, and explains you how to find your guild.

Var Bandor Region:

  • [?-9] The Dust Geese, starting at Pyzick in the magics' quarter of Var Bandor. Gives good coin and experience.
  • [?-?] Retrieving a signet ring, starting in the Nymph's tear inn, just east of Var Bandor's central square (~lvl 1). Rewards a +con armguard.
  • [?-16] Killing Ordak, starting in A Dingy Office off of Raddin Street. The mercenary handing out the quests occasionally get stuck into talking to people that are not there anymore, blocking you from getting the quest.
  • [40?-46] The Daughter's Pearl, starting in the merchant's quarter of VB. Pearls of course, can be found in oceans!

Nendor Region:

  • [1-17] Free Constance!, starting at the music in the clockwork mansion. Above lvl 17, parts of the quest are no longer working. The quests reward a charmie hound, various valuable items to sell, and a lot of xp.
  • [6-19] Working together with the bandit Marid. Rewards you the things that were stolen from Aldred, which in turn gives you interesting goodies (bag of almonds, xp and a decent amount of coin).

Earendam Region:

  • A sickening assignment, starting in the sewers beneath Earendam (~lvl 1)
  • Gather rat tails for Mijniuk. A good xp quest, if you are into gathering rat tails early enough. The quest can occasionally get stuck when Mijniuk has too many rat tails in his hands to accept yours as well.

Brintor Mountains Region:

  • Bounty-hunting for Krilin, further information available on a plaque in Krilin.
  • Brainy ice, starting in the magics' quarter of Var Bandor
  • Hound of Nordath, starting at a ranger hidden in Nordath
  • Curse-lifters of Nordath, (the remains of) a vain attempt to lift its curse
  • Curse-bringers of Nordath, starting in Nordath

Chaja Caves:

  • Stolen artifacts, starting at either mining party. Rewards an interesting ring if you are evil, or an amulet if you are good.

Far Northern Regions:

  • Coming of age, starting in the den beneath Korstil, where the eldest of the kankoran lives (~lvl 30).
  • Find Rskaljirr's Child, starting at Braka's pack (~lvl 35).

Morn Region:

  • Evil spirits, starting at Inessa's village square
  • Curing the curse, starting deep into Morn
  • Running errands, starting at the witch

Shargob Region:

Wastes Region:

  • Pilgrimage, from Jandiska's druid (~lvl 1).
  • Goating, starting near Oreamnos americanii.

Alensha Region:
(1-51)* Net some animals, starting on the merchant ship, badgers are hidden in burrows in the forest. 16,500 xp, excellent platinum, great late-lvl quest.

Zilba's Palace

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