The following is a guide for ranking (something I seriously despise, when it is going too slow). I have stripped the newbie guide a bit to only add really -easy- places to rank. This is pretty much my ranking routine for most of my lowbies.

  • 1-6:

The lizards and imps in the Heroes School are the best way to get to lvl 6.

  • 6-9:

The lizards in the Lizard Caves near the Krilin Fortress are easy to kill, so are the horned lizards in the Jasa Lake east-south of Var Bandor, and will get you to level 9 quickly enough.
There are also the Var Bandor Docks which have dockhands/merchants/citizens, but con first if you're good to make sure you're not killing goodies.

  • 9-15:

The young srryn in Jasa lake are outstanding experience. If possible, find a way to get a harlequin charmie from the Clockwork Mansion to aid you in fighting them (You would need a flight potion (available in most cities) and some way to get through locked doors (translucent potions from Kor Thrandir, for example)).

  • 15-20:

After completing the clockwork mansion quests (which gets you a clockwork hound charmie), or buying a wooden statue, you have a group of 3 (Yourself, a harlequin, and an additional charmie). With this group, and perhaps the Djinn Blade (Clockwork Mansion) or the spells you possess if you are a magic class, you can fight the worms in the Chaja Caves.

  • 20ish:

You might consider, from here, going to the Chaja Caves to fight chaja/miners or hunters. After that, you can head out to the forest of Morn to fight spiders of various sizes. After that, you can try the hill giants.

  • 30-40:

It is quite possible, depending on class and equipment, to solo rank on the Arien Way patrons (Kajal, et al) at this level. The Arien Way is a tavern just east and north of the west gates of Earendam. Be wary as it near the border between two oft-traveled areas, so it is quite easy to be ambushed while ranking. Also note that some characters may take offense to killing sentient races and that Kajal is good-aligned.

  • 43+

The Ambassadors in Kor Thrandir become interesting ranking mobs now. Exploit their racial weakness, and get around 700xp per kill solo.

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