+These are the factions in the realm that you can improve or worsen in standing with. I will try to document the penalties or benefits for being in good / bad standing for each faction.

*Improvable standings:*
Conclave of Arisuth
Krilin Fortress
Denizens of the Void
Druids of Nendor
Eqiril Clan
Healers of Salyra
Hill Giant Tribe
Rahh-Nefor Drakes
Var Bandor Merchant Council
Var Bandor Underworld
Yithoul Shuddeni

*Worsening standings:*
Eril Village
Krilin Fortress
Marid's Bandits
Sinthestin's Bandits
Animals of Nendor
Bandits of Kzaya Ha
Casidian Family
Chaja Hunters
Citizens of Gaald
Conclave of the Aklaju
Defenders of Kor Thrandir
Denizens of Rahh-Nefor
Druids of Nendor
Eqiril Clan
Folk of Alensha
Griffins of the Uthlin
Hill Giant Tribe
Hunters of the Savannah
Jaras Villagers
Kankoran of Ryarl
Monks of Alajial
Naturalists of the Mlejian Range
Order of the Silver Light
People of Jandiska
Reptile Shamans of Sythrak
Seasprites of Alensha
Shura worsens!
Spiritlords of Alensha
Spirit Palace
Srryn of Jasa Lake
Srryn of Sythtys
Var Bandor Guard
Var Bandor Merchant Council
Var Bandor Underworld
Yithoul Shuddeni

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