How to Unlock the Potential of Your Class

All classes have their nuances, even the seemingly simple. The first step to unlocking the potential of your chosen class is knowledge. Look up all the help files relevant to your ability set, while sometimes vague, they will give you the gist of the ability's usage. As you gain these abilities, experiment! Try them on mobs, PCs, and even yourself. The latter option might sound crazy, but this is often the best way to find out exactly how something works. See what it adds to your affects, what changes it does to your score. Then try moving around, do different stuff, maybe it hinders your movement, or lags your commands? The more thorough you are with your experimentation, the more nifty surprises you will discover. Abilities initially dismissed as useless will more than likely become useful. This is especially true of maledictive abilities. Maledictive abilities often do little to no damage, but somehow make life harder for your unfortunate victim. Never underestimate these kinds of abilities. In many cases, these are more deadly than pure damage abilities. Always try to think of new ways you can use an ability, there is almost always a possibility that you did not think of before.

The next step is to become "one" with your class. You have systematically researched your class, you are aware of all these options, now you must be able to use them swiftly. This skill is mainly honed via experience, training the "correct" gut instincts and reactions. Using aliases and macros (scripting) will definitely help with speed, which in turn is necessary if you wish to unleash your broadened arsenal. Create a streamlined command scheme that feels natural to you. Now, whatever is possible with your class, you are capable of doing on the fly. Visualize in your mind, what things you can do that would be useful in a particular type of situation. Attacking? Think about your order of commands, perhaps maledictions before you pour on the damage. Escape? You can always quaff, but some classes have better alternatives that can forgotten in the panic. Remember, don't get too fancy, sometimes the most effective method is simple and elegant. But also remember, use what you got, if you neglect a portion of your ability set, you are only handicapping yourself.

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