Hit Points

Hit points, often abbreviated "hp," numerically represent a character's health. The hit point total represents their full heath when unwounded, and their current hit points represent the severity of wounds taken recently.

Total Hit Points
Hit point totals are primarily governed by constitution, level, and class. For example, a level 51 alatharya barbarian may have a total near 1200 hp, while a level 2 shuddeni scholar might have 24 hp.

Numerous skills, spells, and items can increase or decrease a character's total hit points, and some (such as zeal) allow a character to live while their hit points are well into the negatives.

Current Hit Points
While the numerical value of their current hp remains above 0, the character is fine, and may do anything they could do while at full hit points. However, if their hit points are low, the character should act with some caution if they value their life. If their hit points drop below 0, they will probably die.

A small window between 0 and -10 hp exists wherein the character will be dying, unable to move or do anything, and will slowly lose hit points until they do die. They will require outside help to survive. The dying state is rarely seen, however, because most creatures and characters deal more than 10 damage.

Hit points automatically regenerate over time (when not actively dying). Resting or sleeping will increase the rate of regeneration, as will using a bedroll (available in Earendam) or similar item. The psionicist ability accelerated healing, and the bard's Song of Salyra also increase hp regen. Foul weather, such as intense heat or cold, can decrease regeneration, so it's often a good idea to sleep somewhere indoors.

Healing spells instantly increase a character's current hit points, letting them remain in combat without dying. Water scholars and water templars have the bulk of these.

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