Guardians Of The Law

The Guardians of Law area a house designed around the order and ideals of Iandir. Iandir being one one of the trinity that created the world of Avendar. Iandir allowed the creation of the earth, the valleys and peaks, mountains and plains. He set order into the very matter of the rock and sand that first covered the surface of Avendar.

In present times, The Guardians of Law represent the set of ideals, and the code of order that Iandir first set down to the citizens of the cities and towns. They are seen within the cities of Var Bandor, Gaald, Krilin and Earendam as the protectors of the citizens, bastions of order, and general all around keepers of the peace.

The Guardians of Law ensure that crime and murder are kept at a minimum within the cities, by marking those that have broken the laws for a Reward. If sufficient evidence, witnesses, or testimony can be given the Guardian will the place a mark upon the assailants head, allowing them to be hunted by Lawful minded deputies of the Halls of Law. This marking can only be removed by death to another PC, or a Lawful minded Mob, such as a gate guard, or patrolling guardsman.

The Hall of Law can be located within Var Bandor, between the Beast and Bandit and the Nymph's Tears.


1. Any person who attacks another person in a law-observant area will be
marked for a reward. Members of the Guardians may attack one who has
been marked at any time, for it is their calling to punish the
law-breakers. Guardians may choose to deputize non-chaotic people, who
are then temporarily allowed to attack criminals in law-observant areas.
These are the only exceptions.

2. Any person who steals or attempts to steal from another within a law-
observant area will be marked for a reward. The following offenses will
be considered theft: Taking items from another person's corpse without
the owner's consent, taking items from the corpse of a recently-slain
criminal, stealing items from another person's pet or mercenary or the
corpse thereof, and the actual act of stealing an item from another
person's possession. Members of the Guardians of Law, or deputies operating
under the instructions of a member of the Guardians of Law may at times take
items from a person's corpse in the line of duty. This includes holding
items to prevent theft and confiscating items to punish an offender.

(Note: Some guardians extend the "taking items from a recently slain criminal" claws to the extreme, and it will re-mark a recently slain criminal for taking any items from their own corpse.)

3. Any person who attacks a guildguard or the guard of one of the three
Guardian offices within a law-observant area will be marked for a reward.
Guardians of Law may attack guildguards in pursuit of criminals.

4. Any non-Guardian who enters the Hall of Law will be marked for a reward.

5. Any person who recklessly uses a deadly skill within a law-observant
area will be marked for a reward. A deadly skill will be defined as a
skill or spell that can cause bodily damage to a person. Reckless use will
be defined as use that has the potential to affect bystanders (ie, area-
affect spells). Included are skills that make an area dangerous to
travel, such as Wall of Fire or traps. Exception: Alchemists who brew
dangerous substances within their guild are not in violation of this law.

6. Any person who directly aids a marked person will also be marked for
a reward. This includes supplying the marked person with potions,
scrolls, healing, refreshment, food, water, weapons, armor, and other
means of aid. Those who choose a marked person as a travelling companion
are advised to be very cautious, lest they run afoul of the law.


Like most other houses within Avendar, the Guardians of Law are capable of gathering and using the stones of power within their vault, to aid in their ability to bring justing to criminals and those that would stand against the Laws.

These Powers Include:

Criminal: This power requires no stones for the Guardian to use. It will place a marking upon a PC, and flag them as enemies to most Lawful minded mobiles, such as Gate Guards, Patrollers, and some higher level Mobs associated with the Guardian House.
Awareness: Allows the Guardian to detect both Invisible and Hidden PC's and Mobiles.
Aegis of Law: Enables the Guardian protection from Criminals, Raiders, and Chaotic minded people.
Call Guards: Allows the Guardian to call three guards directly to the location of the Criminal. Note This spell will call three guards per Guardian casting it.
Locate Criminal: This spell allows the Guardian to see the exact location of any criminal with the World of Avendar at any given time.


It should be noted that not all Guardians are straight forward and on the up and up when it comes to how they see or distribute the Laws. There have been Guardians that use their position as a means to destroy enemies, despite the fact that they may or may not actually break laws. There have been Evil Guardians, bent on destroying anyone that would oppose the House, and Good Guardians that have used the position to help rid the world of evil.

Do not expect a Guardian to always side with you, because as they old saying goes, Laws are meant to be bent, no broken. It is not beyond a Guardian of Law to bend the laws he protects, to serve himself or his friends.

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