Lords Of Conquest

The Lords of Conquest seek to dominate the weak, to cull those not suited for the world from the various races they belong to. Most choose to take power wherever and however they can, with or against the odds. They forever seek to prove their prowess in combat, accepting challenges from all who show themselves worthy. The more physical warriors dominate using their strength and hardiness, while the magical fighters tend to crush their enemies with their mental energies.

Note: The Lords of Conquest have been removed from play and were replaced by Dolgrael's religion.

House Powers

Dedication When cast on a weapon, that weapon gains up to +5 dam roll and gains the noremove and glow flags.
Intimidate A request-like skill, intimidate is used to force a mobile to give away a piece of equipment.
Deathhunt Automatically initiate combat with a given target, regardless if you're able to see them or not.
Matrix Seals off all the exits of an area for a specific PC target. This can also interfere with such powers as word of recall and gate.
Division When cast upon yourself, it allows you to be attacked by only one target.


Leader weapon: the mass of distilled power, a weapon that can change shape on command.
Leader immortal: Marlax.

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