Raiders Of Twilight

The Raiders of Twilight are a band of murderers, killers, rogues bandits and anyone else that has the desire to do what they would like at will, without worry of retribution. The house has a nasty reputation for being cold, violent and bloody in nearly everything that it does. Making use of their hatred for "rules" and the idea that people actually believe in "God", this band of anarchists seems an end to their own happiness. They care not for what others think, or the rules and laws that others live by. Such things are not for the Raider of Twilight.

First known as the Circle of Twelve, the then members turned to Arkhural for favor and blessings. Arkhural has spent his energies since the dawn of time, breeding the doctrine of Hatred, Cruelty, Power and most importantly Pain, into the hearts of his followers. And so it was when the original circle of twelve turned themselves, and their Canyon over to the Lord of Twilight. In time the Canyon became a much bloodier place, as Arkhural tightened his grasp over the Twelve, the seemed unsatisfied with themselves, with the Power they possessed, with the Violence that they were doing…and thus were born the Raiders of Twilight.

Raiders today are not so prone to violence as they once were. There have been rare instances that a HighLord will rise among the Raiders Canyon, that sets himself apart with trickery and deception where another might have used his strength and brawn. The leadership, or the "HighLord's Chair" is not kept without control. It is highly common for someone to challenge ownership of the Chair, and the Canyon with the swing of a blade, or the use of Magic. As with their Dark Lord Arkhural, the Raiders are not satisfied with simple complacency, instead they always hunger for more, always wanting to take that thing that shines just out of their reach.

Raider of Twilight are never Lawful, as they desire destruction of order and the ways of Iandir.
Scholars and templars of Spirit and Water will find entrance nearly impossible. Good aligned characters will as well find this style of life beyond them.

While there have historically been lawful Raiders, including at least one High Lady, such people usually find their ethos changed as soon as someone notices. Water scholars similarly often find their alignment and/or sphere changed shortly after entrance, and have been known to find themselves discarded, the reason for their recruitment no longer applicable.


Looters Belt: This spell will allow the Raiders of Twilight to create a belt capable of holding any item within Avendar. It will drastically reduce the weight of objects and items allowing the Raider to carry far more then normal.
Hood: This ability will allow the Raider to pull a hood over their head, removing their name from the room they are standing in, and the where command. Attacking a PC, or Guild Guard will cause them to yell out against a Hooded Rogue, allowing them to circumvent the Guardian Marking. As well, this Hood will keep Guards and mobiles from attacking them when marked, as it hides their identity.
Escape: Similar to flee, which if successful will delay your opponent's pursuit.
Bird of Prey: Perhaps one of the most powerful charmies in Avendar. This bird will have mid-level HP, but will hit for rather high damage. The bird is also capable of flying directly to Var Bandor, Inessa, Earendam, Krilin and the Canyon.
Pillage: This power will allow the Raider to call a swarm of Rogues to plunder a city, attacking anyone on sight. (including the raider) The affect will be chaos, allowing the Raider to join in and wreak havoc on the city and it's inhabitants at will.
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